Friday, December 18, 2015

Star Wars

Have you heard what today is....Why its the STAR WARS day. People all around have been thinking about this day for months. Some have been camping out for days. All anybody on secular TV is talking about is Star Wars. I have to admit that I, TRACY NIFONG, have never seen a complete Star Wars movie. I think as a child I watched a little of the first one, but thought that it was boring. As I watched "The Voice", which I will admit that I do sometimes plan around this show, but it is real people, wanting something real for their lives. Jordan Smith sang beautifully, "Mary Did You Know" and Adam  says" I had never heard that song till Jordan wanted to sing it".  I have a feeling he knows all about Star Wars because anybody who is anybody should, right? All this hoopla for R2D2 and I'm sure there are people not preparing to see the coming of a risen king. A baby boy who came to earth to really save the world.  The world can be a sad place right now, people sitting around planning evil for months in advance, I think to myself what makes a person sit in their home and plan out how to kill as many people as they can in one quick moment. The most I plan for is dinner and I don't do that much anymore. I can't imagine my mind wrapped up in such hatred and they think they are doing it for love of Allah. Satan has warped the minds of so many, with so many different views. What is important to you? Star Wars Movie, 75 virgins waiting on you, buying the next big ticket item, or knowing the Love of the Christ child who came to earth especially for you. 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

A day in the life...

Joey had a little accident yesterday, he was not hurt nor anyone in the car that hit him. But it shook him up. To know Joey you know he is kind, enabling(LOL), tough, ornery sometimes, but has a tendency to feel sorry for people. He was doing some work for the County and was backing out on a road close to home and a young mom came around the corner, going way to fast, with the sun directly in her eyes and was on the wrong side of the road  and she nailed Joey in the back of his work truck. Thanks goodness it was the ole white truck because it is tough, hardly did any damage to his vehicle but totaled hers. He never saw her coming, but when she hit, it scared him to death. Then he gets out and all he hears is a child crying and the mom gets out of the car and says please don't call the cops I will go to jail. He told her first lets check on the little girl that was headed to Midway Elementary (late),but he told her that he had to call. To put it into quick details, no license, no registration, no insurance,  tags on wrong car, child not in required car seat, child sitting in the front (5 year old). She got about 7 tickets and was told if she did not show up in court she would go to jail. Of course, my enabling husband starts feeling bad about calling the cops, so my son who is so much like me its scary, says that is why our insurance is so high is because of people like her. I find out that to fix our truck, our insurance will sue her, which Joey won't do, like he said how do you get water out of a dry well. He was much more concerned over the child, he said the mom was all messed up about calling the cops, so he went and sat in the car with the little girl and asked questions about school, teacher and Disney Princesses. He said last night, that little girl doesn't have a chance in the world unless God intervenes.  Dad still home in the bed, Josh thought Mom was druggie, and we wonder why the world is the way it is. This is their normal. This is how they view life on this earth. We look at it and say what is wrong with these people and they don't think anything is wrong with the way they live and they are raising two children to see the world through their eyes. I hope since Joey was kind and told the mom that God was looking out for them that day, that they saw a glimpse of what life could be like with effort on their part.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My new grandson...

My second grandchild will be a boy!!!YAH!!! Josh said the other day, I was kinda of hoping for a boy because I don't know if I could love another girl like I do Harper. I told him you can but I see and know what he was meaning. They have a very special relationship, one that I am jealous of. He has always thought of her as a little person and treats her that way, this comes with good and bad. She thinks she is an adult and can make adult decisions so of course this is their battle. But her confidence is so high and I attribute that to she feels very loved, especially by her Daddy. Children need to know that they are special in their parents sight. Josh said he watch two documentaries this week and had night mare after them, Ted Bundy and the Natalie & Jordan Vanderslute story. He said that in about all cases of serial killers the one common denominator is they either don't have a Dad or have a abusive Dad. That is why the Bible and God put so much responsibility on Men. I read this week in my Bible Study that David told Solomon on his death bed. " Be strong, show yourself a man, walk & follow all of Gods commands & laws." Todays society could be a much strong society if men would take the responsibly that God intended for them. So now with another male coming into this world he needs to be taught, to love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. To cherish his wife and take care of her, to love and teach his children the ways of the Lord, and be kind and respect human beings. If everyone would teach just one child...Wow what a better world it would be...

Friday, September 11, 2015

A Time for Everything

Scenario, Wednesday morning, Josh walks in office with Harper and says "mom you look awful," my reply "Son I feel awful." The day before I had just told my sister-in-law that I was actually feeling pretty good. Then I wake up. Could hardly hold my head up, the migraine was so bad. I don't have the migraines that effect light, mine are in lower head and neck. I feel like I need a neck brace to hold up "this big ole water head" as my sister calls it. It effects my hearing, smells, and makes my eyes and brain foggy. So I really didn't look good on Wednesday.  Life after the mini-stroke and full blown menopause is still to this day  kicking my tail some days.  I told the Ladies Group that I lead on Wednesdays that I am starting to think that some of this is spiritual warfare because Wednesdays are a lot of times my worse days. And of course this is the day I lead Bible study.  So the ladies said a prayer over me at the end of the class.  How do you know what is warfare and what is nature of life?
How do you know what is consequence of your choices verses Gods will for your life at this particular time? These are deep things to think about. Like I tell my family, I have spent thousands of dollars with specialist, who still are not sure what is going on in my body, why do they think they have the answers, like maybe your not resting enough, duh! maybe its the food you eat, maybe your to stressed (because of them), maybe you need a positive attitude. I have heard it all and as I think over the harder questions I still am not sure. However the Bible says there is a season for everything.
Ecclesiastes 3
For everything there is a season,
    a time for every activity under heaven.
A time to be born and a time to die.
    A time to plant and a time to harvest.
A time to kill and a time to heal.
    A time to tear down and a time to build up.
A time to cry and a time to laugh.
    A time to grieve and a time to dance.
A time to scatter stones and a time to gather stones.
    A time to embrace and a time to turn away.
A time to search and a time to quit searching.
    A time to keep and a time to throw away.
A time to tear and a time to mend.
    A time to be quiet and a time to speak.
A time to love and a time to hate.
    A time for war and a time for peace.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Human Heart

After watching the sadness of the killing of these two innocent people. I have thought long and hard over this situation. I have heard it is a gun problem, wrong it is a heart problem. Murder was from the beginning of creation, with Cain & Able and there was no gun used there. This is a person who was mad in so many ways, mad at the world, mad in the mind, mad at himself and didn't know what to do about it. So instead of getting out of himself and thinking of others, he decided to take it out on somebody else instead of fixing his own self. Since we are a generation of selfie people, why else would he think to do something that doesn't think of himself first. We as the older generation have a responsibility to the younger to teach them. I was at the park with Harper and she is all about "I WON" in everything she does, she gets mad if she doesn't win. It brings back memories of her Aunt Audrey. So as she is running around winning every time, I took her aside and told her not everything is a competition and that sometimes you will lose and it is just as important on how you lose as how you win. As I overheard another grandmother say, thank you for telling me you hit so and so, did you tell them your sorry, no says the little boy, well at least you told me about it.  Why not make him go back and apologize. We have become so lazy when it comes to personal responsibility to others.  Its all about What happened yesterday was a pure hate crime. Hate will rot your insides, your mind, your heart, even your bones. I hate that we now have to pay attention to every person we meet  and watch to see what they are doing. You can't feel comfortable going to the grocery store I caught myself looking before I went into Big Lots at every person in there, or the DVM which would drive people to do crazy things, I looked at faces and paid attention to my surroundings. It has made me even more untrusting of people. Which to me is sad because that is a struggle of mine anyway. Jeremiah 17:9 The human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked. Who really knows how bad it is? ONLY GOD

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


After reading Cindy's post and seeing for myself the video of the Doctor talking about the "specimen" , it totally sickened me to. I decided to do a little research. For the life of me, I am trying to figure out why there are still so many abortions being done today. With free birth control, educating people on how you get pregnant. Its not like back in the 60's when sex was never discussed in schools. But after looking at some statics from North Carolina alone, did you know that between 2002 and 2013 that the average abortions per year is 26,233 babies aborted every year. That 74.6% were between the ages of 20-35 years of age.  These are not women who live in caves, they have  been to school to get education, they have watched enough TV to inform them on how you get pregnant, they can have free birth control. So I tried to think, what is this all about. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY.  The root of evil. People are making money on the killing of innocent babies and we as Christians have forgotten what is happening as we sit in our comfortable homes and comfortable churches. ME INCLUDED... I have recently because of this video realized how politically correct I have become by keeping quiet. 26,233 babies just in North Carolina alone have died and we worry about how so and so was rude to me, how our food took to long to get to us, what sales are on today. I myself need to rethink what I believe and start doing something about it.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cindys Post

After reading my friend Cindy's post, I totally agree with her how the world is so backwards in its thinking. That Satan has tried to make sin look good and good look evil. This song when I first heard it made me realize that Satan can't have the Christian soul but he can mess a Christians life up. He is watching us and waiting to see our weak areas and uses things we like to bring about the "slow fade"( another great song). We can get so wrapped up in our life that we don't even see him invading it. We have let down our guard. The Bible says he is hear to kill, steal, and destroy those are not sweet words. Those are harsh, hateful words so we need to always be on guard.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I Timothy

Joey and I watch on Sunday mornings three different pastors before we go to church. They are each very different in personality and delivery but we appreciate all of them. First is the well know David Jeremiah, second is Michael Youseff, then there is a local pastor Michael Thomas from Love & Faith in Kernersville/Greensboro, they have two campuses. Sunday Pastor Youseff was preaching and he mentioned a verse and it stuck with me, mainly because Josh and I have been discussing money. As a teenager he has always said he wanted to be a millionaire by the time he was 25, but that didn't happen. We are always in discussion on the reasons behind why he thinks this way or that. I am always asking his motives behind being rich. When Pastor Youseff mention I Timothy 6:17-18 I read it in three different versions and stuck with this one, I printed it out for Josh to keep close, to  remind him when he does become a millionaire, what is expected.
"Teach those who are rich in this world not to be proud and not to trust in their money, which is so
unreliable. Their trust should be in God, who richly gives us all we need for our enjoyment. Tell them to use their money to do good. They should be rich in good works and generous to those in need, always being ready to share with others. By doing this they will be storing up their treasure as a good foundation for the future so that they may experience true life."
I know both sides of the story I hear from people, we should not have lots of money when so many others don't. We should have lots of money so that we can employ and help others. You can look it from both sides and see how both can be right. So I say, what ever lot you is, rich or poor. Remember that trusting in God is the most important thing and be generous with little or much so that you can experience true life.

Friday, April 24, 2015


Once a week I meet a young lady and we discuss life and we are going over the lineage of Jesus from Geneses to New Testament. This week was on Joseph and I told her that with the Old Testament stories so many I totally do not understand. Mainly because of culture and time, I think half the men were crazy and as my children would say, they would have shot you mom back in olden days because of your mouth.  I totally agree, I probably would have been one of the radical women of those days.
 I don't get the way they lived back then.  But I told Anderson, when I read over the different books and people I try to think of things that pertain to my life and way of living today. Joseph is one of my favorite people in the Bible, I know in the beginning he was a little cocky and maybe thought a little more of himself than the average boy. But, I like men who are confident (I raised one). I do believe that Joseph was humbled after being sold and put in prison and these things made him the man he became. I talked with Anderson about how Joseph was obedient to God and because of his obedience he was blessed in many ways. She asked me about what are ways we can be obedient to God these days. I was explaining that I have always told my children that even when we don't like something but we know that is exactly what God (the Bible)  would want us to do, doing it is obedience. For instance I shared Tithing as a example, I asked her if she tithed or believed in tithing. We had a great discussion on how its not that God needs our money, he wants to see if we are willing to be obedient, to give up control and trust him with the one thing that most people think they need.
I asked her to keep a watch this next month and see where she was spending her money, and as the verse goes, where your heart is at is where you put your treasure.  So if all her money is going to earthly pleasure then that is where her heart is and that is something that she needs to figure out. She is wanting things in life, new job, adventure, etc.  and she is waiting on answers from God I told her she might have her answers already but God will not use her in mighty ways if she is not obedient with the small stuff. He wants to know that he can trust us with the little things first before he puts us in situation where we need to know the big things. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Stepping Out

Joey and I had a discussion the other morning after he got home from his breakfast with some men that he meets everyday at Cageys. They have all kinds of debates, talks, discussion whatever you want to call them. A comment was made about how we handle the money in the church. One fellow told Joey who's a elder that he should not have the right to make decisions for the church as a whole.
Joey said well if you don't have a group of people making decisions for the majority then no decisions will ever be made. In a meeting that Joey and the other elders had all but two were there, they decided to give away to a missionary family half their salary for the next 4 years. They decided to step out in faith and trust that the Lord would provide, to say a lot were very upset is a understatement. I even questioned Joey that day after he came home from a 4 hr Saturday morning meeting. He said that it was unanimous and that the Holy Spirit was working like he had never seen before in a large group of very different people. The only two not there later on said that they would have never voted for this, one now sees that is why he was not there, the other still is not happy.  The younger generation likes to give there money to people they know, not just give to the "man" to let them decided. We brought in the family that will be going with 4 kids to Burkina Faso, Africa. They were wonderful people. Josh, Abby & Harper had lunch with them with a few other young couples on Saturday, Then Sunday we took them and three other families to lunch and got to know them a little better. What a great family they are, they only brought their two older boys, Maxx & Miles. Harper was intrigued with them, they played ball with her on Saturday, so on Sunday she thought they were best friends and had to sit with them at everything. She even took their prayer card home and to Don Juans. So now when you say missionary, she thinks "my missionary". I see now how important it is to get to know who your money is going to. I still think the Great Commission Fund is important but I also get what the younger generation is thinking.   Getting back to the comment made on "our money" we  as Christians need to remember that God can use anyone's money to get what he wants done. First of all its his money to begin with and we can be blessed by being obedient or we can miss out by thinking we are in charge of "our stuff".  In saying this, Josh called and said "I don't want to be a prick or anything but did you notice that after we as a church decided to give that money away our old church finally sold after 4 years of trying, within the month.   God can do anything he wants and you and I can either get on the train or watch it go by.  Personally I like riding trains.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy 32

Little did I know 32 years ago what being married was all about. As you can see we were all smiles and ready for this great adventure. We had hope of great things, we thought that everything was going to be just romantic and fun and never have any worries. Life as a married couple was the only way to go. If I knew then what I know now would I have still gotten married. Definitely, yes would I have done some things differently, yes. You hear everyone say if I could do it over again I wouldn't change a thing. Well I would. I would not have worried so much about the little things. I would have laughed a lot more. I would have had more children and not worry that the house was to small or we didn't have enough money for them. But on the flip side, I am glad of some of the things we have gone through.  Joeys dad passing away after the first month brought about stresses that we never thought about, him running a company and making sure his mom and brother were taken care of. At the age of 25 it taught Joey a lot about himself. Then have two children back to back and losing a third brought us closer to each other. Disappointments, struggles, money issues and life issues everyone deals with. Whether you choose to do it together is what brings a couple closer. I will say that some years have been a blast and some have been pretty tough. But as I think about the man I married he has become in many ways a different man  from that April Fools Day. I was so attracted to his toughness, he still has it but there is a softer side to him now that is wonderful, you see it with Audrey and Harper. He is a  friend to his son and they run their mouth at each other but truly are best friends. He was always a hard worker when he was young and still is, I never had to worry about him providing for his family. Spiritually he has come so far that there days I listen to him and think this is not at all the man I married and I am so very thankful the Lord has brought him this far. He is still is as handsome to me as the first time I saw him, he makes me laugh a lot, and I have never worried that I am not loved by him and that in itself is peace.
So to Joey and myself, Happy Anniversary!!!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Another week in the life with Harper

Her and fatty Buster "Bird Watching"

She loves to go see the cows and donkeys

Her flying all by herself

Miss Princess

She loved her curls I put in her hair

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

May I Rant

May I rant a little today, today a old client came in to pay up his storage from over 1 1/2 years ago. He moved out before he paid his bill in full. Josh is the one who rented to him, I was never a fan. However, I knew he was coming in to pay his bill and I had prayed before he came that if he said anything smart I would say something back correctly but if he kept his mouth shut I would too.  I thought I had it made then I saw the look in his eye and knew that mouth of his would open. He had done some work for my step-dad and his fianc├ęs at mom's old house. He just happen to be there when Josh called to talk to Pop that night and they told him this guy was there, Josh being the smart-xxx he can be said over the phone, tell him good now he can go pay mom what he owes us. To say it made guy made, yeah, but the way I look at it, pay your bills and no problem, right. Well he spoke and I don't think he realized that I had played this scenario in my mind for two year. I decided to call a spade a spade.  He walks around proclaiming to be a Chrisitan, has his Christian playback tone on his phone, has a Christian ring tone. So I decided that I would treat him like a fellow believer. I explained to him how the world looks at us Christians with such distain because he are not people of our word or faith.  That if I had been a non-Christian business owner, once again I would say there goes those Christians again, trying to screw everybody. Like I hear my brother-in-law say all the time. I let him know that I wanted to come after him but Josh held me back and told me to let it go.
That he should be thanking him instead of telling me he wanted to punch him.  Then the little liar had the nerve to say that Josh spoke very rudely and vulgar to my step-dad on the phone. I sat on it a while and then I said you tell me exactly what he said, because I was going to call my step-dad and ask. Well, he proceeded to tell me what Josh said, I called him a liar. I know my son, I know his mouth, and I know what he would and wouldn't say. Lets just say fellow left in a hurry.
The reason for my confrontation with this guy is I'm tired of people who say they are Christians and not living it, I tired of people who lie about other Christians, I want like the Bible says let your yes be yes and your no be no. I might not always do the right thing but I will always try. I hope that if people hear something about me that doesn't seem right that they will ask, because they know my character and that perception people have is sometimes not filtered correctly. My Rant is over...

Thursday, March 5, 2015


I heard David Jeremiah tell a story this week about how this snake ask this man if he would carry him to the top of the mountain, it would be quicker for him to get there than for him to have to sliver his way to the top. The man said you will bite me and the snake said no I want I just need to get to the top, so the man put him in his jacket and carried him to the top and when he went to get him out the snake bit him. The man said you promised not to bite me and the snake said you knew what I was before you brought me to the top what did you expect. The reason for this story is that in spiritual warfare we all have to " put on all the things God gives you to fight with. Then you will be able to stand in that sinful day. When it is all over, you will still be standing. 14 So stand up and do not be moved. Wear a belt of truth around your body. Wear a piece of iron over your chest which is being right with God. 15 Wear shoes on your feet which are the Good News of peace. 16 Most important of all, you need a covering of faith in front of you. This is to put out the fire-arrows of the devil. 17 The covering for your head is that you have been saved from the punishment of sin. Take the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God.  If you see a snake it isn't going to change its character or shape it is what it is. So don't put yourself in places and things that you know from the beginning are going to cause you pain. We have a helmet to cover our head and protect our minds and we need to be using our spiritual war pieces everyday.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

New Clothes

Have you ever read a book and a line in it just stands out. I was reading a book this week and the main character used this quote:
"I say, beware of all enterprises that require new clothes, and not rather a new wearer of clothes"
Now the author did not have it correct because her book was based in 1780 and the manwho made this quote was not even born til 1817. But any case I looked up the quote and the meaning of it.
you should be careful about becoming involved in anything that calls for an outward change (new clothes) and not for an inner change of character (new wearer of clothes).  by Henry David Thoreau. For some reason it caught my eye. I remember thinking as a lady in one of my small groups class made a comment the other day about a girl, who is pregnant and lives with her boyfriend, that she was looking for a church like the one she went to as a child where everyone dressed up on Sunday, all the churches she had been to lately were just to casually dressed.  The lady in my class who allows this couple to live with her, didn't get that the purposeful sin going on in her own home was wrong because this was to be her grandchild, but totally got why the girl didn't go to church. Of course I called "bullcrap" and told her this was just a excuse not to go to church, but made me think about what it is that I believe. And realized that there is a whole world out there that is very confused of the scriptures. That we make God who we think he should be, we make him to fit our lives instead of us fitting in to what he has planned. So I tell myself be careful of worrying about the outward change and focus more on the inward.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Snow OH how we love it...

Out my back door


Happy Family
We had such a great day in the snow. Abby's mom and dad, Joey and I, Audrey,(Wesley had to work)
a young couple from church, and a another couple with 3 small kids came. We went sled riding all afternoon. I chose not to sled ride quite as much this year, I have had a migraine for about two weeks and I told my family my body is half way in place I didn't want to knock it back out. I did go down a few times and each time got faster and faster. We doubled on each others backs and Heather and I crashed and rolled because we got to going so fast that we were afraid we were going to hit the creek and trees at the bottom of the  6th green. Josh and Abby have great places to sled near their home so everyone congregated there.  Kim made delicious taco soup and potato soup. Kim said last night I was suppose to work but snow seems to only come about once a year here so vacation day was calling her name.  We made really great memories and that Harper played all day outside, ate white snow(that not one had stepped in, I think we all said all day) she would not wear her gloves so we had to have warm hand moments. Bella and her rode sleds down those steep hills for hours. It was a great day, so now I can say I am ready for Spring(Cindy, the birthday girl, who has now finally joined the nifty fifties group) So up crocus, up tulip, up daffodils...

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

coyotes & snow

Today was a snow bust but we still went out and played on the sleet. Rode sled behind four-wheeler and went on an adventure behind the house.  As we were walking I noticed coyote poop right behind the house and then we saw tracks, Joey said I guess we scared him off when we started the four-wheeler. We decided to hike for a while and there he was just walking in the field about 100 yds from us.  Joey told us to be real still and he started this squirrel call about that time that coyote started running right at us. Did you know that they also hop like a antelope when they run, I didn't either till I saw if coming straight for us. Joey kept telling us to hold still but I was getting nervous but about the time it came out on the mowed section 60 ft in front of us it realized that we were not what he was running to and stopped and bolted the opposite way.  We headed back home and Harper made Joey carry her after seeing the coyote so close up, on the way back I wiped out, never even tried to catch myself, the next thing I knew I was laying looking straight up at the sky. Thinking, I hope I didn't break anything or I hope I didn't land in the coyote poop I saw. It took me a couple minutes to catch my breath because it was totally knocked out of me when I landed so hard, then I started to laugh thinking oh no I broke something, I'm afraid to move. Joey looks at Harper and says Mam-maw is pitiful.  We had a great adventure for the day I just know next time where better shoes.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Its just what we do

Harper loves the outdoors rain or shine warm or cold it doesn't matter. So Monday we decided to go and look for a pink ball that I had on my front porch but those winds last week took it to another county I think. We went on what Harper calls "an Adventure" looking for it. We searched the fields across the street, the woods behind our house and all around the neighborhood but never did find the big pink ball. However we did find things that started with her name Holly, Acorn, Rock, Pinecone, Evergreen, Rock (white one)

Yesterday we played outside while Pap-paw put our pine needles at all the houses, office and shops. If you look closely Harper is tied up by the leg to the trailer, she is in jail, because I was Hans and she was Elsa and I locked her up because she had frozen Anna and her hair was turning white. It is amazing what little minds will think of next.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

I am a Church Member

I started a new Ladies Bible study a couple of weeks ago, I came across a book called I am a Church Member written by the CEO of Lifeway Stores. To say that it is convicting is a understatement.
The book can be read in less than two hours, but I told the ladies we will do a chapter at a time and really think about the context of each chapter not just read and go. First chapter was on what we thought being a church member means and how we as Americans look at membership to something as entitlement. Wrong!!! Second week was on forgiveness, and the love chapter in I Corinthians  and how this is not for marriage but was meant for the church. Read that chapter think of your church and you realize how unloving and selfish you can be. This week was on the church is not here for my preferences but for me to serve and humble myself to others as Christ has done. Lets just say that this has been a get real kind of class, I told them from the beginning that it is time for the church to quit being babies and sucking on the milk bottle and start getting real teeth and chewing on the word.  I told them I am not good at baby sitting adults, I not good at making things seem alright when they are not and that time is to short to keep playing the games the church does.  I have a group of about 15 ladies, old, young, new believers, old believers, some I'm not sure are believers. So I do have to try and handle the situations gracefully. But I have decided that we as "mature" (I laugh as I write this)
Christians had better start stepping up to the plate and calling a spade a spade. There are to many uninformed people who say they are Christians and have absolutely no clue to what the scriptures say, they listen to people, Sunday school teachers, radio, their children and never check out the accuracy of what they are learning. We as members of the church have a loving responsibility and it time we did something about it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cold Rainy Days

What we do on rainy days, run around church with marker on our face.  When she got there Josh said somehow she got into the markers on the ride over. I laughed and told her we need to wash off and was it permanent markers she said I hope so, I don't want it to come off.
 Another stop we have on cold rainy days is Chick-fil-a every Tuesday. Yesterday Joey, Harper and I went to the Children's museum in Winston then to eat.  She had a so much fun at both places. of course Joey made friends with the little kids by throwing snowballs at them in the their igloo I made. All the children started zeroing in on him after a while.
 Last stop was home for rest and as you see she like to play coyote in a box. We get the coyote and put in box to get rid of them. Don't worry lid is not hooked to she can breathe. She comes up with all kinds of crazy things to play.

I love how kids can be so creative, when did we as adults stop. Did we think that it is embarrassing or silly to just be fun at times. I guess that  grandkids are good at bringing out the imagination in us old fudy dudies.