Friday, December 18, 2015

Star Wars

Have you heard what today is....Why its the STAR WARS day. People all around have been thinking about this day for months. Some have been camping out for days. All anybody on secular TV is talking about is Star Wars. I have to admit that I, TRACY NIFONG, have never seen a complete Star Wars movie. I think as a child I watched a little of the first one, but thought that it was boring. As I watched "The Voice", which I will admit that I do sometimes plan around this show, but it is real people, wanting something real for their lives. Jordan Smith sang beautifully, "Mary Did You Know" and Adam  says" I had never heard that song till Jordan wanted to sing it".  I have a feeling he knows all about Star Wars because anybody who is anybody should, right? All this hoopla for R2D2 and I'm sure there are people not preparing to see the coming of a risen king. A baby boy who came to earth to really save the world.  The world can be a sad place right now, people sitting around planning evil for months in advance, I think to myself what makes a person sit in their home and plan out how to kill as many people as they can in one quick moment. The most I plan for is dinner and I don't do that much anymore. I can't imagine my mind wrapped up in such hatred and they think they are doing it for love of Allah. Satan has warped the minds of so many, with so many different views. What is important to you? Star Wars Movie, 75 virgins waiting on you, buying the next big ticket item, or knowing the Love of the Christ child who came to earth especially for you.