Thursday, January 29, 2015

I am a Church Member

I started a new Ladies Bible study a couple of weeks ago, I came across a book called I am a Church Member written by the CEO of Lifeway Stores. To say that it is convicting is a understatement.
The book can be read in less than two hours, but I told the ladies we will do a chapter at a time and really think about the context of each chapter not just read and go. First chapter was on what we thought being a church member means and how we as Americans look at membership to something as entitlement. Wrong!!! Second week was on forgiveness, and the love chapter in I Corinthians  and how this is not for marriage but was meant for the church. Read that chapter think of your church and you realize how unloving and selfish you can be. This week was on the church is not here for my preferences but for me to serve and humble myself to others as Christ has done. Lets just say that this has been a get real kind of class, I told them from the beginning that it is time for the church to quit being babies and sucking on the milk bottle and start getting real teeth and chewing on the word.  I told them I am not good at baby sitting adults, I not good at making things seem alright when they are not and that time is to short to keep playing the games the church does.  I have a group of about 15 ladies, old, young, new believers, old believers, some I'm not sure are believers. So I do have to try and handle the situations gracefully. But I have decided that we as "mature" (I laugh as I write this)
Christians had better start stepping up to the plate and calling a spade a spade. There are to many uninformed people who say they are Christians and have absolutely no clue to what the scriptures say, they listen to people, Sunday school teachers, radio, their children and never check out the accuracy of what they are learning. We as members of the church have a loving responsibility and it time we did something about it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cold Rainy Days

What we do on rainy days, run around church with marker on our face.  When she got there Josh said somehow she got into the markers on the ride over. I laughed and told her we need to wash off and was it permanent markers she said I hope so, I don't want it to come off.
 Another stop we have on cold rainy days is Chick-fil-a every Tuesday. Yesterday Joey, Harper and I went to the Children's museum in Winston then to eat.  She had a so much fun at both places. of course Joey made friends with the little kids by throwing snowballs at them in the their igloo I made. All the children started zeroing in on him after a while.
 Last stop was home for rest and as you see she like to play coyote in a box. We get the coyote and put in box to get rid of them. Don't worry lid is not hooked to she can breathe. She comes up with all kinds of crazy things to play.

I love how kids can be so creative, when did we as adults stop. Did we think that it is embarrassing or silly to just be fun at times. I guess that  grandkids are good at bringing out the imagination in us old fudy dudies.