Thursday, June 30, 2011

No Other God

Know, recognize and understand therefore this day and turn your heart (and mind) to it that the Lord is God in the heavens above and upon the earth below: there is no other God. Deut. 4:39
There is no other God like our God. He sits high on his throne, the earth is his footstool and yet we forget daily his majesty and power. We get caught up in our little problems and snags in life and forget who our maker is. He created us, loves us and wants to be involved in our lives and we ignore him until we need him. I was listening to Phillips, Craig, and Dean and words to one of their songs many of you know, but it hit me. He is God alone, from before time began, he is on the throne, unchangeable, unshakable, unstoppable and yet we worry, fret and stay concerned when there is trouble. He probably shakes his head at us and says when will they ever learn. I like to be close to God is the good times, I don't enjoy the bad. I try to learn when things are going pretty good, after last year these last few months have been great for Joey and I. I want to see God even in these times too.....

Monday, June 27, 2011

48 years and counting

Today I have been 48 years old for a day. For my birthday I received many funny cards, "you know who you are" and all I asked for was a new camera so that I can take good pictures of our new "baby girl" once she is born. Thank you also "you know who you are" for the camera suggestions you gave to Audrey. I can't wait to try it out , yesterday I tried the different techniques it has, I am still a little slow on all the technology of it, but I will learn quickly. It's funny I am not a big birthday girl, everybody has one, so to me they are pretty much another day. My crazy family, "my mom" decided to have a cook-out for my birthday on Saturday, but didn't tell me until 2:30 Saturday while I was in Galax eating lunch at the time. I had already made plans so around 7:00 while they were all together, my step-brother sent me a birthday text saying they were singing Happy Birthday to me and wished I was there. Maybe next time Mom will plan a little sooner....

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


What is rest? The definition goes like this: to cease work or activity, to sleep, to find relief or freedom from disturbance, to be at peace, to settle. The verse in Matthew 11:29 says, "Take the yoke (the load) I give you, Put it on your shoulders and learn from me (Christ). I am gentle and humble and I will give you rest. Everyone needs rest, physically spiritually and mentally. If we don't we crash. After leaving Brad's funeral yesterday I realized, he needed to rest. He was always looking after people, caring about people, worrying about people. He and his mind needed rest. We all have a tendency to go, go, go and never slow down. If we stay busy we don't have to think, we don't have to examine ourselves and make changes. God tells us to rest, to stop and think about our lives, what are we wasting time on, what are we doing for the kingdom, are we using our time wisely. I know I waste alot of time on dumb things, I get lazy not rested. I know my mind needs rest from time to time or I start to sink in the pit. I need to rest in what the Word(Jesus) says, to know he is control of all things, if I will let him and not try to fix it myself. I will say that learning to "stay in my garden" has rested me more than you will ever know.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On a lighter side

Here we are starting out on a second day on the river
This is the wonderful view from my float
Kim talked us all into taking a picture of our feet, she said when she gets tired of work she has this on her computer and just thinks back to all the fun she has had a her trip, so I decided to try it.
This is the only day we had make-up on so we took a picture, what a great and relaxing time we had, we really did hate to have to come back to the heat, when we left it was 70 and when re arrived in Winston a hour later it was 86 and humid. But what wonderful memories we made.

Monday, June 20, 2011

I like Boring

I will post some pictures tomorrow from my trip, but today I would like to say I like boring. I don't enjoy the dramatic life. When I left on Wednesday for my mini vacation, it seems something always dramatic happens that I can't do anything about from where I am at (away from home). Audrey called me all upset, I thought Wesley had been hurt or killed from her reaction. But after calming her down, I find out she failed her big $1300 State exam. The one that all the teacher said they would have no problem passing, the one where you have to pay and find someone to take with you to chapel hill, you go in not knowing whether they will accept your patient and you are really blind to the expectations. So after calming her down, telling her that it wasn't the end of the world and that somehow we will come up with another $1300 by September for her to take it again, she has regrouped. Failure teaches us many things... Then Wednesday evening as I am trying to relax after trying to calm Audrey down, Josh calls me at the river. His exact words were" What if I was at the hospital getting ready to be a dad and I can't find you". So I return his call to find out that Abby's embryonic fluid was really low and they were maybe going to induce her the next morning if it wasn't back up. So I started planning a way fro someone to come and get me to bring me home it need be. Thanks goodness, she was better the next morning so they are watching her carefully. I didn't get to enjoy tubing down the river a couple days (pictures to come). Then came home to tragedy once again this summer. Our friend who is one of the most kind and selfless people we know took his life, so this is two of Joey's friends in the last 10 months. They both had so much going for them, families that truly loved them, friends and acquaintances who thought so highly of them. They both were men who loved the Lord but Satan blinded them at that particularly moment. So Joey and I were once again sick to our stomach with this loss. Then yesterday three little boys were beating on our door to call 911, Joey and I took off up to there house, they live about 4 doors down. There was a domestic incident going on and I could not believe the filth that can out of the mouth of these men. Joey and I stayed very calm, called the sheriff, they finally showed up but because once again no one wanted to press charges, they did nothing. So these 5 little children where exposed to such dysfunction and people wonder why there is mess in the world. These children are little hellions, they are destructive, and sneaking and after yesterday I am surprised they do as good as they do.
Joey and I both thought about praying with them, but we both can to the conclusion they don't care, they think there life is normal.. When I got home last night, I have decided I like boring, I like the simple calm life.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

River floating

I am going to the river today on a camp-out with the girls. We are taking floats and just going to relax on the water until Friday. I am very excited to be going, we haven't taken a trip together since last Mothers Day. We all got together with my family and other friends for Kim's graduation party from college and started discussing how we needed a trip. I will post pictures when we return....

Monday, June 13, 2011


I had the craziest dream this weekend. I dreamed Josh and Abby were getting married again, this time in a 50's style hotel that was light pink, black and gray. Abby was about 3 weeks over due with the baby, she looked like the Pillsbury dough girl, if you touched her she had dimple indention's on her body and she was in a too-too. It was snowing outside, and then we went to a couple's home to have a reception with people I haven't seen in many years and some I don't really like. I don't know what I ate that night but wow!!!!. At the end of my dream my mam-maw was there smiling at me and I remember telling her how much I missed her and then I woke up.
I told Joey, I now know what I am going to be called, because I was really close to my Mam-maw and she was a great lady, loved the Lord, and always was good to me. So I want to follow in those same steps with this little "baby girl"(that's what we call her still). Joey said it doesn't matter what she calls him, she can call him Old Fart for that matters. Can you imagine going to grandparents day and the teacher asking "baby girl' who is coming to school to see you today and she reply's mam-maw and old fart. Only in the south......

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Veggies

This is my garden this year, my sister and I are taking care of it together.
Our potatoes are doing great we have two rows of different kinds of white potatoes and a row of sweet potatoes
Our beautiful zucchini and cucumbers
Our green beans and our puny corn.
I went out at 6:00 this morning to water had my headset on and was just a singing worship songs. It was a great morning, cool before the heat.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

His Highness

As you can see from the large picture above, Buster is the King of our house. He believes that we should cater to his every need as soon as requested. We don't leave his Highness much because every time we do, he either gets really sick, or hurt. This last time while we were at the beach and Wesley was in charge of him, he decided not to come into the house at night when he was called. Wesley exact words were "he just looked at me and turned his head when I called him and would not budge" because of this rebellious behavior and his fighting temper, he got beat up a little. He forgets he is like Richard Childress and old and shouldn't be picking on the younger more in shape generation. The one Buster messed with fought back, not like Kurt Busch, who probably was in shock. However, if my Mr. Precious (Joey) was in on a fight I would take odds on him, no matter his age. HA!!!!!. We though Buster would recover on his own, but noooo he wants us to spend money because of our having the nerve to leave him alone for a few days. He ended up not having a broken foot, Praise the Lord, so no x-rays, just put to sleep and lanced, then he had his on little blue bandage on his foot that drove him crazy. Serves him right, for not healing himself and making us spend money on a Vet bill. What we do for the King in our life.....

Thursday, June 2, 2011


A waitress at Cagney's called him Precious yesterday morning. I had to laugh. I can think of many names to call him but Precious doesn't even come close....HA!!!!!!