Wednesday, August 31, 2011

what to do?

Are there days where you are tired of thinking.  I have had about 3 months of it.  It is time for me to get out of this.  I usually shut down in the summer from real deep thinking because  I have been at it all winter long. I usually get my brain on again starting in September.  I think it is like going back to school for me, I need my brain to rest every once in a while so that is why I enjoy summer breaks.  But September will be here tomorrow and I now need to get back into thinking again.  Small groups start back up at church next week, I am trying to decided whether to lead one again or not.  I know that I have my hands in too many pots and I need to let go of a few things.  But which ones are the question. At church I am on the general board, on the building committee, in charge of mime team, in charge of the connection groups that we have monthly, teach Wednesday night small groups, I am the church treasurer assistant, I teach Sunday school sometimes.I make up all the welcome bags for Sunday visitors.
When you look at this list only the teaching classes are what I call spiritual.  The rest are business, or busy work, in themselves there is ministry but in spiritual growth maybe sometimes but not as much as teaching.  So in writing this, I have answered one of my own questions. Don't give up the teaching, I will grow more there. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Any suggestions

Something has happened to my being able to post videos from you tube, any suggestions. I cannot get it to save or publish.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Last night at mime practice one of the girls got an attitude because we changed a little of the routine near the end. Lots of times this happens after we learn the song and go and practice on the big stage. We never do a song that we don't change something before we are ready to perform. I noticed it happening, she got quiet, she crossed her arms, she had that look on her face, if you have children you know the look. Well to say it ticked me off is an understatement.
Here we are in ministry, we are together one hour a week and to have a attitude over something so trivial does not settle well with me at all. These are teens with parents at home, a nice house to live in, they all have decent cars, great clothes and food on the table. This is what I explained, kind of boldly and loud. There is no room for bad attitudes, I expect happy faces and willing hearts for this hour. After we left I felt bad for being rather harsh. Then it hit me, no what you said was right, their is absolutely no reason, we as Americans should whine about anything. We have it made here, we are just so spoiled, we forget how the rest of world really lives. So when I whine shame on me for not remembering how blessed I really am.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

6am Walmart

Do you ever go to Walmart at 6 am. I do especially if I can't sleep. I love to go there in the am. They are stocking shelves so it is messier. There is no one there, this is what I love the most.
I can shop in peace and quiet. I can take my time and usually I am the only one in line at check out. I told the lady at check this morning that I know she would probably rather not be there but because of people like me she has to be a work so early. She told me she loved it there at that time of morning, for the same reasons I like it. Try it sometime you'll always want to shop at the pre-dawn mornings.

Monday, August 15, 2011


At church yesterday I taught Sunday School for the mime team, we had practise first then a little lesson. This is one day of the week I can usually get all the girls to church at one time. I was telling them how with this new church and them going back to school next week how Satan would be attacking. I know alot of churches today do not teach on Hell and Satan but I know because the Bible says so, that they are real. Also I have experienced some of Satan's attacks. This past week he has been at it again. Our storage facility was broken into, vandalized and robbed. I would have gladly given them the $1000 from our deductible, if they would just leave us alone. Joey and I discussed how is this really another attack from the enemy or is this just life as we know it today. Joey's commented that anytime evil is present it is from the enemy.
I told him I am becoming very weary from the attacks. When your children lose their jobs, when your friends are very sick, when you go to a fund raiser for a 26 young mother of cancer and her dad says Tracy we make plans but they change everyday because we never know how she will feel. You can become weary and Satan knows where your weak spots are. I told the girls in SS class. Know your weakness, Know your strengths. Satan does, he watched how you react to things. When you have new witness opportunities like we are going to be having, (everyone likes to try something new) Satan is going to try and distract you. So know he is there and know who your protector is and how powerful he is.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Beautiful Evening

Monday night a few men came over to start shooting their bows to get ready for the upcoming hunting season. These are some of the scenes from that night.
It is great how the colors change every little bit with the sun going down.
I love this tree and I don't know why.
Creation is such a gift from God.....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beach Pictures 2011

I am still learning all the things on this new camera. My niece and her friend Haley
I was trying to use my motion sensor for their jumping routine
As you can see this needs no motion sensor. He was snoring.....
This is my new hippy husband. He is waiting on me to tell him to cut his hair, he forgets I like men with long hair and a tan.....

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My little rock babies

Friday I got blasted.....I went in around 3:30 and by 7:00 I was headed home. I don't remember anything that happened, but the next day, I felt like I had been playing football and had been tackled with a helmet in the back. It looks like I have been snake bitten on my back there are these two little fang marks. Yesterday felt pretty good just sore, having a few of my little rock babies, I thought this isn't so bad. Today another story, I went to church, felt pretty good, still sore, then at lunch it hit. I went into my mini labor pains, I walked the porch here at home, drank about 6 glasses of liquid and finally passed another larger rock baby. I am hoping that this is the last one, never again to appear.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back from Beach....and wore out

Let me tell you a funny story....Once again on my vacation I started out so excited, I was so excited that I could not sleep Friday a week ago. I wasn't feeling really well, so about 4:30 I got up and went to Walmart to get a few things to take with us to the beach. I thought I was coming down with the stomach bug. I finally got pack up and we left out about 7 am, I told my sister put me in the back, I didn't feel well and hadn't slept much so I would stretch out in the back seat. By Rockingham, I was feeling worse, I got out and walked around the parking lot a few laps, we got one of the best tenderloin biscuits I have ever eaten in a gas station of all places. Then it hit...
I crawled all over the back seat of my sisters car. My step-dad was following us and called to see what was going on in the back seat. Leigh Anne laughed and her friend Carolyn who went with us laughed and I cried and laughed. I stood, I rolled, my rear end was in all the windows so I know many cars were wondering what was going on. I finally told them once we arrived at the beach to take me to the hospital. You guessed it, another kidney stone, and I was delirious.
They were very nice and very busy with people who need to learn to handle pain, you don't go the emergency room for a cold, or paper cut. I was a roaring lion and wanted to tell these people that is why our health system is so messed up, but thankfully they took me straight back so I didn't get a chance to explain to them take cold medicine or put a bandage on it, but don't go to the emergency room. To make a long story short, today Tuesday, over a week later, I am still battling that 6mm stone. I am supposed to have it blasted before the end of the week..PRAISE THE LORD... I will have some beach pictures in a few days.