Saturday, November 29, 2014

Princess Auraskate is what she called herself

The Wiseman is visiting a neighboring town

This years tree is finally done.

Saturday, November 22, 2014


I think their videos are so cute...

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Monday marked Joey's 57th Birthday. He is a man who God made especially for me.   He is a great Dad to our children, he enjoys their company, he will do anything for them (he might complain a little), he absolutely loves his Harper. I tell my kids all the time how jealous I am of their relationship with him. I missed  that in my life.
Joey is a spiritual man who is always digging for more truth. He loves to have discussions about Biblical things. He is very generous to others. He is a mans man.  He does get a little uptight, can be messy  and is a worrier, I don't want you to think he is perfect. But like I said he was made for me. Happy Birthday Joey!!!(as Harper says did you know a baby kangaroo is a Joey, Pap-paw)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Work what is it?

Work -"activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result"
Life has a whole takes work, we have to work at our job, we have to work at our church, we have to work at our relationships, we even have to work at our play. Joey and I have been in deep discussion about the life of the church, where it is headed and how do you get people involved.
We fuss about the leadership in the church not getting people motivated and I personally don't get how you can be a member of something and not want to be involved. I told Joey the other night the leadership of the church ought to throw a real shocker to the congregation to wake up everyone that when you come to church on Sunday a lot of work has been put into that 2 hr span. What if, we all showed up at 9, there were no prepared teachers so we didn't have Sunday School, then we went out to our sanctuary and the 400 chairs that are always magically lined up were not put out, and our sound guys decided that they had something to do that morning so they didn't show up, and our music leaders forgot it was there week so they had not prepared any worship music for us to sing, and finally Pastor overslept didn't have his prayer time before the service with some of his elders because they decided to go get breakfast that morning instead. How do you think our service would go? Things don't just happen day to day, there is planning and effort put into. My main question is why is it that people assume that church should get only leftovers from our life. On the average we have probably 200 adults that attend regularly, teens included. If everyone did one job within the church, it would make the world take a look at how we appreciate being able to do the job the church was intended to do, reach the lost. But because of 10% of the people doing 100% of the work, the church is not performing to the best of it ability. I hear what does the church do for me, as a Christian that should never be our first response, we should be saying what is it that "I" am doing for the Gospel. It can be as small as helping set out those 400 chairs every week, staying after church to put them on back up, being a usher, helping with the landscaping twice a year, helping in the nursery, children's church, small groups, Sunday school, fixing the play ground, music, sound, connections, youth group, VBS, missions week, meals for people, visitation to the sick, special events or even as simple as giving out bulletins and saying hello to people as they walk through the doors.
When everyone at their "job" do what they are suppose to do, work gets done. Same goes for the church. I know we don't get paid in monetary means but we will get paid in heavenly rewards when God says well done my good and faithful servant.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

We under estimate

We under estimate the intelligence of our younger generation. The government wants to dummy up this next group of kids so that they can't think for themselves. At our house we like strong minded people and encourage it.  With saying that strong mindedness can be tough to deal with sometimes and can push every button you have but that keeps life exciting.
This little one is one of the smartest and strongest girls I have ever met and I raised her aunt Audrey who liked to push every limit. This past week she has been really sick and is on strong antibiotics that  taste "yucky" as she puts it. It has been total torture getting her to take this medicine, here are a few of her comments the last couple of days.  "Mam-maw your not a Doctor you don't really know",
"Mam-maw don't tell me my stomach hurts when I say it doesn't." "Daddy popped me on my shiny hinny and it didn't hurt." We  were counting down the time so that we could take her medicine I let her pick the time and she said 9:45, so we kept a watch on the clock and she counted down 9:43, 9:44 and I asked her what the next time was and her reply" I'm not going to look, because I'm not taking that medicine!"  I had to laugh...I would rather have a person who thinks for themselves then one that lets someone else thinks for them...