Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bible Series

I watched this trailor on the upcoming Bible Series on the History channel, everyone has been talking about it, I am always sceptical when movie stars are doing it, but Mel Gibson's Passion movie was so good that I hope this is also.  It has been given some good reviews and  I am excited to see the whole Bible brought  to life in todays media. Genesis through Revelation......

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

              Roy's Granddaughter came to town!!!  We shall call her Hopper! HA

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Amazing Grace

I use to love to go to the clam bake every year and my only reason to go was to see this man sing, he had such a unique voice, I didn't care about the other celebrities, such sitting outside listening to this great voice.  Joey asked me about him last night so  I looked him up on you tube and saw this.. Pretty Good.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lighten Up

I have been so serious the last few post I have decided to lighten up some today.I remind myself that there are alot of funny things going on around me, mainly Harper.  Kids do and say the funniest things.
Josh has now named her Hurricane Harper, she comes in a whirlwind and leaves a mess behind her.
She has learned to spit, not a very ladylike action, but her aunt Audrey was told as a young little girl that real softball players knew how to spit so she thinks that this is no problem. Harper is a head of the game so to speak... Harper also likes  to tell her Mommy that Mam-maw and Pap-paw pop her every time she stays with us.  Abby asked her the other day where she got the bruise on her leg and she told her Mam-maw did it. I kept her that night so they could go to dinner and I asked her did you tell Mommy and daddy that I gave you that boo-boo and her reply, "I did". 
She has many new sayings like, Whoa Joe, Oh my!, I Did, and  Dad Crazy. 
She has better technology skills than I do, When we pray for our food, she likes to pick who at the table prays, then she instructs us who to pray for, we laugh because she always prays for Brett (Abby's brother) we tell him he must need more than the rest of us. She prefers "Audra" to rest of the family, if she is there Harper doesn't really need us.  She thinks she can drive a car, she ask everyday
"drive mam-maw".
She has her own bucket of coon (corn) to feed the ducks and geese with. She thinks that drawing means "H" because we write her name on everything.
So my philosophy is when you are taking life to serious, hang out with a toddler, things get put in perspective real quick. 

Monday, February 18, 2013


When you look at the world in a big picture you realize just how small you really are. We here in American seem to think that we matter more than most, we have the most ridiculous problems.  At church yesterday, Tom our SS teacher, said how there is a list of what we here in the great USA complain about and how other countries if they read our complaints would want to more than likely want to walk right up to us an smack our smug little faces.  Iimagine being those orphan children I showed you in the last video, and they hear some of our complaints. like...they didn't put enough pickles on my chicken sandwich, the remote control is all the way across the room, where is my waiter, my drink is half empty, and me last night at the grocery store, I can't believe with all these flavors of ice cream they don't have coffee.  Joey has this saying that makes alot of Christians mad and they argue with him regularly about it, but the more we discuss it I am starting to think like him... God really doesn't need any of us to complete his plan.  He would like for us to get on board, but he really doesn't need little ole me.. What a humbling thought, God is God and he  has a plan and sees the big picture and I can be used by him or he will accomplish it without me. I think we here in the great USA have started to believe ourselves and what our minds what us to think, we are special and why wouldn't God need us.  In saying all of this, I have become pretty hard to the poor, pitiful me, line we all use, me included.  Today, I just found out that Joey's first cousins son, was drunk driving and killed a little girl.  We all knew he had issues, he has been in trouble  many times, and now he in hospital with a broke neck, killed another persons child, has 1 baby and another on the way, and has literally screwed his life up and all the others around him. Because he doesn't think of other  human life as important as his.  When did we decided that we here in American are that important, when did we decided that our life is more important that all the others around us. God loves us all, but he doesn't really need us, he wants us to glorify him.  That is all.....

Friday, February 15, 2013

Kings and Queens

I love this song, I had never heard of Hands and Feet Project  until I watched this video. Audio Adrenaline started this project and it helps orphans in Haiti and other parts of the world. I have been convicted lately that I have become very slack in my giving to the poor, needy, widows and orphans as the Bible commands us to do.  Enjoy the song and look into the project. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Valentine

                                 The many faces of my Valentine, He is a handsome thing still....
He loves his hunting and outdoors

                         Every once in a while I can get a true picture of his personality
                                       most of the time he always looks so serious.
This is what he doesn't want people to see, his goofy side, he thinks people should never really know all about you, you need to keep them  thinking....

And for a hunter, he loves animals much more than I do, along with sleep.
I have to say that I really do still enjoy having the same
Valentine after 31 years, with it comes contentment, rest, knowing each other more,
alot of laughter, respect and of course love.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Questions I will ask one day...

I am reading the Book of John and usually it is between 4 and 5 am when I can't sleep. I usually relax enough after reading one chapter and can go back to sleep because my mind is on something good, true, pure  and not what I probably was thinking when I woke up.  But I have had a few questions,
one what was Jesus really writing in the sand.  Everyone thinks they know but nobody really does, so I can't wait to ask.  Also we hear alot about healing and we all have our own ideas what we think the Bible says, but I was reading about Lazarus death, and how Jesus said now you will see God's glory, Lazarus was instantly restored back to life.  Some disagree with me but I see true and total healing coming instantly and being restored back to health as whole and it being done to Glorify God and him alone, not so much for the human being healed.  But this is a questions I will ask one day....

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Look at piturs of Audras pon

ice (rice) beans and snak(yogurt) is all I want

Feed bubbu (buster) in pap-paws shoes

airpine in sky

Don't you love the way kids talk, this is our daily routine at our house.
Look at all the pictures of Mam-Maw and Audreys phone. Feed Buster, take the food out of bowl and put back in the bowl over and over again, all she ever wants to eat is a gucker(sucker), snack which is yogurt, cookie, she is a sweet tooth kid.
Then outside we go even in 30 degree weather.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hell & Menopause

Just a quick note, I don't know how any woman who has gone through or is going through menopause would want to go to Hell.  Menopause is another way of God getting women's attention.
Hot, Heat, Sweats,  and the next day do it all over again.....

Monday, February 4, 2013


Well to tell you that Wesley and Audrey always do things backwards is a understatement.  I told you about my Christmas card about Wesley promising Audrey will not be living here by next Christmas.  They have been looking for a house for about 6 months, they looked at one back in the fall in Davie County and the owner who will remain nameless but if you could call him a name it wouldn't be very nice. They put a offer in twice with him and he has turned in down each time.  He dropped the price last week so they have tried again, and this time he accepted but has not been very nice about it. So as of this very moment they are getting ready to become home owners. So now they have to set the wedding date pretty soon, thank goodness we have already done a few things in preparation for this time. She would like to be married by April, but it could be July  or September.  As soon as there is a official proposal, we will know the date... See what I mean about doing things backwards.   

Friday, February 1, 2013

Life is Short

    In the last two days, Wesley's grandmothers brother passed away, his dads childhood friend Chris (who goes to everyone of Wesley's races) wife Mary (brain tumor originally)  will be taken off the ventilator today, one of his closest friends in racing AJ Sanders (bowman grays champion in their division) is having 3/4 of  his lung removed this morning and they are praying it isn't cancer. At our church we have one of leaders who has been at the church forever it seems like Allen Glidden(brain tumor) ,his wife used to be our church secretary, passed away this morning and one of current elders Jim Abbott is undergoing brain surgery today to remove a tumor.
    Sickness and death they can come on so quickly and leave destruction in its path.  Josh and I talked to a new Christian yesterday who struggles with "How can a God who is totally in control allow bad things to happen to people" questions. She is one who needs to see things in her hand, not take things totally by faith. She is very very very black and white, very literal in her thinking, can't stand to watch Beth Moore (to artsy fartsy)  kind of lady.This is a fallen world and orignal sin is the cause of all this sickness and death.
    This morning when I woke up my mind was on all these families, they each are struggling today.  They all need peace in some form or another, they all need to feel love, I sure they all have questions that might not get answered at this moment in time. I know that all are trusting in a God who know all the answers and are trying to trust him at this time.
So if you read this think of these today.....and say a prayer.....