Saturday, January 28, 2012

God and his Humor

I am reading a new book called " Beautiful Outlaw' by John Eldredge.   It is on the personality of Jesus.  One thing that has struck me is the Humor of God.  Sometimes we look at the scripture with such depth and seriousness that we might be missing some of God's humor in the Word.  If he didn't have a playfulness in his personality, why would he have created a Axolotl, Proboscis monkey, Alpaca or a red panda.  I am looking at the scripture with a new light today,  plus I wonder what non-believers think about us and our seriousness of life that we keep humor so guarded in church.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Family Photos

We never take pictures together

Joey and Derick and "blood" grandchildren for Grandmother,it is very important to be blood!

The other side of grandchildren

Audrey wanted to try this this year for the grandparents, I thought most of them turned out pretty good.
We laugh at Harper she looks like a little french girl.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bounce, thats the word

Harper loves to bounce Auntie A and got this on her phone last week while keeping her.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Let me down easy

I walked into Myra's room today at the hospital and on her board someone had wrote "Billy Currington, Let me down easy, I (heart) radio"...I laughed because I knew Gray nor Myra had  put that up there.  Myra doesn't listen to alot of secular radio.  Gray told me that their night nurse is a Billy Currington stalker and that she follows him everywhere.  That she has met him a few times and one time he signed her (hip/backside) and she went and had it tattooed on.  Myra was trying to eat her breakfast and she made this face and told him he had to get it out of her smell range.  Gray started laughing and she asked him what was so funny, he had a memory we all shared from about 20 years ago, We use to have these dinners at different couples houses in church to get to know each other, there were usually 2 younger couples and 2 older couples.  One night, at our house, we were all together with these 2 older couples and each family brought some part of the meal.  We sat down to eat and Joey thought I had cooked the whole meal, he started to open his mouth and insert foot. The next thing you know he says, Tracy you know I don't like cheese on my fescue.  We were having broccoli and cheese, I did not make it.... That is the memory that came to mind with Gray today as he laughed.  I know there have been many days lately that he has not laughed, so I am glad God brought this to mind.....

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My garden

Many who know me say I think way to much.  I really don't think as much as I could, if I did I could go into a deep dark hole. I usually know when to stop.  But as I am learning to let go of certain responsibilities, I have to tell you why. I have thought this thoroughly through.  You see, I can't do things half-way.  If you give me a job to do, I will try and do it to the best of my ability. Last week when  things fell apart at the ball game, I was given the responsibility for that night to be in charge of the gym while Joey was at a meeting.  Later he said, why didn't you just sit there, that's when it dawned on me.  I can't....If I am responsible for something, I have to do the best that I can. Sitting back and watching things happen on my watch is not something that I can do. There in lies the problem, that is why I cannot be put in charge of things because I take it very serious. I expect people to do what they are told to do for the job , to best of their ability , or don't volunteer.  I might come across pushy, bossy, or a control freak but if I am responsible I feel I have to do my best.  I can sit back most of the time when it is not "my garden".  useless I see injustice.  I can't believe that people can see bad things happening to people and not do anything about it.  I saw on the news last night about a lady that a man raped and strangled then dumped her naked body on the side of the road thinking she was dead.  I heard a couple 911 calls on the TV and a lady called and told what they saw, but from what you could tell she didn't stop to check on her.  Thanks goodness a man, stopped to help her, but can you imagine seeing a naked woman on the side of the road in the middle of winter in the dark of night and not stopping to help her... Some people will not stop.... I probably would stop, call the cops, call Joey, tell him where to find the jerk that did this, and make sure I was standing at the jailhouse when he showed up to tell him off.  That is how I think, that is how I roll....HA!!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Learning to let go

I am trying to learn to let go of positions in life, manly at church.  You know people who do alot of things and maybe don't do them so well.  I feel I have become this person.  I made a list of my "things I do at church" and have started getting rid of some of them.  The younger generation needs a little push, many are not big volunteers, if you ask  they will help but few just up and take control of things.  I blame this on our generation, we are fixers, doers, make things happen kid of people. The next generation could be like us but they don't normally volunteer unless it will  make them some money, or has something to do with them. Once again, I kind of blame us for letting our children think the world revolves around them. So far,  as of February I am no longer the church assistant treasurer. I have found someone to take over the welcome packets for our church.  I have asked someone to take over the Mime team, pretty hopeful, she seem to be leaning in that direction. I have one more year on the governing board, I will continue for now with the connections we have at our church once a month, and leading a Wed. night small groups.  I hope to do a better job at these.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Forgiveness is such a simple word, but not a simple thing to do.  As you remember from earlier post, my excitement at church basketball.  The young coach came to me and Josh today and apologized for what happen Tues. night.  He said I am so embarrassed by my actions and I don't want any hard feeling between all of us.  I told him not to worry Ii can forgive and forget.  I told him that I have learned that eating humble pie is never easy but very necessary.  I hugged him and let him know that  people are forgiving me all the time so I surely can forgive him.  We grow, we learn, we have to ask for forgiveness regularly  because we  fail daily. But isn't  it great when we can be open with each other and love each other when its over.  The key here is honesty.
Are we honest about ourselves, do we really look at the faults we have and honestly want to be different.When we take the time to analize our behavior we learn alot about how we handle situations and can change to become a person who learns from our mistakes. That there is growing into maturaty and wise living.  It takes work and takes being true to who you are and wanting to be more like Christ everyday.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Marc Broussard

This is one of my favorite blues/rock/pop stars.
You probably have never heard of him.  I found this video and never heard this before.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Church ball

Let me tell you a story about a my night. Youth Church basketball can be very stressful to say the least.
Everything went well until the final game, I knew it could have the potential to be fiesty.  I told Josh he was one of the ref's to keep it under control.  Both teams were good, I don't think either one of them had lost, it was the final game of the season, a real fire cracker...It went pretty good in the beginning, right before half time a boy got mad at a call from our team and threw a ball at a girl and hit her in the head, so Josh told him he couldn't play the rest of the game.  Then that parent came at half time to fuss with Josh, I happen to be walking by, Josh told him " Hey man, I go to church here with you, this is a church league, chill out".  Third quarter wasn't to bad either, both coaches a little mouthy but you can over look it, then it came.. Last 1:30 of the game, our coach didn't like that he wasn't being heard and started to shout, then threw his score book at the stage.  Josh came and told him, "how old are you and you don't need to be acting like this in front of the kids" You see he is the coach of our rougher team, alot of the old neighborhood kids are on this team, these are the same ones I had problems with the last two times they played.  So setting a good example to them is very important. Well to say it got better I cannot do, It kept going down hill, I finally just called the game.  That didn't go well with any on our team, the other church is the one who recommended it and I agreed.  After I finally got home and calmed down, and went to sleep at 1 am.  When I awoke this morning I still feel calling the game was the best thing, that it probably would of continued to get out of hand.  Josh called this morning and asked what a certain kids name was on our team, he said the little boy asked on the way out last night, what the problem was this is just church basketball....This is not the first time things have gone a little crazy at church ball, I think it is time to think what is the purpose and are we really doing it right,  it is not the kids that are the problem they usually respect authority and will go with the flow, the problem almost always  lies with the adults. Life is to short to fight and get all crazy over church youth basketball, I am a very competitive person so I hate to lose so I do understand.  But I think the time has come to decide the purpose of this ministry and if this is a ministry.....

Monday, January 9, 2012

Visitng can be hard....

Today I sat with with my friend Rhonda at the hospital visiting with my childhood friend Myra, you see Rhonda and Myra are sisters.  I told a young girl from Myra's church who came for a visit what a very strong little woman she is. If you know her you know she is strong  spiritually, mentally, and  in personality.  But to see this little 4'9" 90 lb woman with the spunk she has always had, I realize how strong she really is.  Her body is very weak, very pained and tired.  But physically she has fought and not complained about the pain you can see it on her face at times but not hardly a word or complaint from her mouth.  Some are natural born fighters, she is one of them.  Rhonda is very sad watching her only sister in such pain, remembering the same pain that came with her mother just a few years ago.  She said today, I love her but I don't like to see her hurt anymore.  There are many things in life that we have to deal with, the key is to deal with it in grace and faith.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Her Daddys favorite

I took this picture before Christmas and Josh saw it on my coffee table, he swiped it for Abby,
He thought this described his daughters personality.  He bought a picture frame and wrote on it I love my Mommy.  He and Abby laugh that all of her clothes say Daddy's girl, I love my Daddy, and most of the others say My Mommy loves me.  So he wanted her to have one that said it the way he thought it should read.

Monday, January 2, 2012

In Matthew

Jesus says, Pray this way, Pray to the Father in heaven, Holy is his name, You are in control and what you want will be done here on earth. Give me what I need today, Forgive me of my sins and lead me away from temptation, Satan and his ways. Pretty simple pray that says alot.  Holy is the father God in heaven who is in complete control of everything.  Why do I have to worry about anything, Why do I feel the need to control anything.  So Lord you know my day, you know what will happen in this day, you know what I will need for this day. Keep my mind, eyes, heart and actions from sin, keep temptation from the evil one out of my life.  If I pray this everyday, I know that what happens to me is from the hand of God. It has gone through his fingers down to me here on earth and I can handle it because he is already prepared for it. More to learn on prayer........