Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Waters rising

If you can imagine water spilling over the top of these rocks that is how high the creek rose.
It also rose to about a foot high on the barn.

We had a great time in the mountains alot of work needed to be done. They had about 6 inches of rain in about 2 hours so all the rain came down the hills to our little creek. The neighbors have pictures of the creek rising above the concrete bridge that is usually about 6 feet above the water. Our neighbors said they have never seen this happen before. It got in our barn and messed some things up there, Joey had to bring home his chainsaw because of water rising and moving it from the shelf. I mowed everything twice because after all that rain the grass had really grown. We enjoyed a trip to Ennice, NC for a cookout with Wesley's family. I now know why Audrey and Wesley never make it past his grandparents mountain house to ours. It is a log cabin on top of a mountain that overlooks a 17 ac. lake. It was beautiful...

Friday, May 27, 2011


Last year on Memorial Weekend I had great plans to go the the mountains, but due to a terrible storm it knocked out and did about $5000 damage to our gates here at the storage buildings. Josh was in Montana showing Abby the great west, Audrey was at the beach, so Joey and I had to change our plans. Just a few moments ago another storm came through here and I prayed "please protect the gates and computer" I am trying to head out again this afternoon to go to the mountains and help Joey repair all the work we did a month ago. Last week a storm hit up there and completely ruined our road again, Joey and I had worked for 2 days to repair the last storm damage. It wants to drive you crazy, make you whine, but you have to stop and think about all the others out there in the USA who have lost everything, from homes to family to places of employment. I am not going to complain because I have to do some manual labor. I need too, after sitting in a office all day... I do pray that the storms this weekend are mild.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

No Pictures, Please........

I was going to put up pictures of the beach, however all I took were pictures in bathing suits and Abby threatened that that no pictures of her pregnant should ever be put on the web. Plus the only one of us who looks good in a bathing suit is Audrey and she wears pretty skimpy ones so I don't want that on the web either. Hopefully some of Audrey and Abby's pictures came out and we were fully dressed. We had a wonderful time, we read , played ball, ate seafood, rested, went to movies, played putt-putt and cards. I do appreciate my family, I appreciate that we can fuss with each other and laugh with each other, we are open and honest and talk alot. Sometimes it can be difficult when speaking the truth but in the end I truly believe that is what keeps us close. I hope to find a picture to put on soon....

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Myrtle Beach Bound

I have been lethargic, foggy, just plain brain tired lately. I haven't wanted to do much, I'm tired of thinking. Then it hit me. I have really not had a vacation in about 2 years, sure I go to the mountains, but I work there. Last summer I did go to the beach, but I was in pain for 5 out of the 7 days, and our friend here at home committed suicide while we were there so that kind of messed with our minds. So I think my brain needs just some plain rest. I need to not think of anything serious, I need to read some fun books, I need to sleep when I want, go to eat when I want, and just enjoy the beautiful beach scenery. All Audrey asked for as a graduation from college present was a family vacation, Josh, Abby, Joey,Me and Audrey to go somewhere together (Wesley has a new job and has to work,it wouldn't look good to take the first week off and someone has to look after Mr. Buster) We have not had a real family vacation in probably 8 years. As the children have grown up they took vacations with other friends and their families, we went to Montana and Alaska, so we couldn't afford any other vacations. So before our lives start changing with a new baby, a new job for Audrey, and who knows with me and Joey, we are taking advantage and headed to Myrtle Beach.....I can't wait.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Life as I Know it

Life as I know it, I have a wonderful husband, who sometimes gets on my nerves as I do his.
I have a son that when I look at him, I am shocked that he came from two uneducated and non business type people, he is way ahead of us when we were his age. I have a very sweet and blooming daughter-in-law who is counting down the days till our granddaughter is born. I know she will be one of the best thing that ever happens to us. I have a beautiful daughter inside and out who is finally going to be getting a real job that pays real money. We all are so happy. I have a peaceful home and I know many do not live this way, so I am very thankful. I have wonderful health right now, I forget how much pain I was in last year and am very, very thankful not to be there again. I have a wonderful group of friends that I know I can count on for anything, I have a great church to go to every week, and life as I know it, is good...........

Friday, May 6, 2011


This is Audrey and Wesley a few years ago, from the picture you can see why he now has the nickname "Shaggy". Alot of people in our family don't know his real name because Josh only calls him Shaggy.
This is a few years later, as you can see his shagginess has shortened. This weekend marks a new beginning in both of their lives. Wesley at the age of 26 is finally graduating college Saturday, (from the pictures you know he is graduating from South Carolina, he hardly wears anything that does not have a gamecock on the front of it) Audrey at the age of 24 is finally graduating college from FTCC on Monday. We are excited to say that Wesley has already gotten a job with a firm in High Point, he will be traveling and selling something. He is glad not to be sitting in a office all day. Audrey passed her 8 hour test, she finally found a patient to take with her to Raleigh to do her final clinical on in June. Then she can get a job as a hygienist, she can get a job now as a dental assistant but she doesn't want to get trapped in that position. Life is changing once again. Our children grow up and we pray that we have taught them well and that out own their own they will make Godly decisions, they will use common sense and wisdom in making their future.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Move the Stone

In the Bible study I have been doing on Tues night, Between a Rock and Hard Place, this final chapter was Mary, Martha, & Lazarus. Lazarus has died because Jesus took his time in walking the 2 miles to their house, it took him 3 extra days. Jesus says, remove the stone where Lazarus lays. Martha starts to tell him about the smell that comes from a 4 day dead body. Tony Evans comment is " when God is getting ready to do something significant in your life, a deliverance, or a resurrection of something that has died, it will often include an illogical request" he tells us in the next paragraph, make sure you don't go all logical on God. Lazarus was dead, been dead a few days, was starting to smell, there was no need to move the big rock, but Jesus just said move the stone. Martha goes all logical on him. We don't need to tell Jesus how big the stone is, what the stench behind the stone smells like, who is going to move the stone, a discussion plan of how to get the stone moved, we just need to get out of the way and let God move that big old rock in our life. We need to realize that he said "move it" and "Lazarus come forth". I hope that I am at the point of faith, that no matter the circumstances in my life, I know God can move the gigantic rocks that are in my way and cause me to stumble, that make me questions my faith of how big our God really is. Like Lazarus he calls us each by name and is there for us at just the right time