Wednesday, July 22, 2015


After reading Cindy's post and seeing for myself the video of the Doctor talking about the "specimen" , it totally sickened me to. I decided to do a little research. For the life of me, I am trying to figure out why there are still so many abortions being done today. With free birth control, educating people on how you get pregnant. Its not like back in the 60's when sex was never discussed in schools. But after looking at some statics from North Carolina alone, did you know that between 2002 and 2013 that the average abortions per year is 26,233 babies aborted every year. That 74.6% were between the ages of 20-35 years of age.  These are not women who live in caves, they have  been to school to get education, they have watched enough TV to inform them on how you get pregnant, they can have free birth control. So I tried to think, what is this all about. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY.  The root of evil. People are making money on the killing of innocent babies and we as Christians have forgotten what is happening as we sit in our comfortable homes and comfortable churches. ME INCLUDED... I have recently because of this video realized how politically correct I have become by keeping quiet. 26,233 babies just in North Carolina alone have died and we worry about how so and so was rude to me, how our food took to long to get to us, what sales are on today. I myself need to rethink what I believe and start doing something about it.