Thursday, March 28, 2013

Life is funny

You know how life works sometimes is funny but hard. Mother/daughter relationships are stressful at times.  I have a very funny daughter who is way more organized than I am, she is pretty OCD, which I am not, she is not confrontational, which I am. The thing is, we as parents always want what is best for our children, the problem is we forget they are not us.  I have been agitated with Audrey lately, some of it is , I want her to think like me,  do things like I would, but SHE IS NOT ME....PTL.
Joey would have her live with us forever, but as a mom I know it is past time for her to leave home.
We clash more than ever, which makes sense to me because I know that she had finally grown up and is tired of being at home.  Audrey has always been pretty easy to live with, she goes with the flow and sometimes that is the problem.  Once again I want her to be like me, have some say about things, not wait for others to tell her what to do. So it is  funny how life works, I know when Josh went off to college I thought I would be sad, but by the time he left we were all getting on each others nerves, same here, I will be sad when she leaves because she has never left home and she is 25 years old, but I know the time is coming quickly....

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Friday, March 15, 2013

My friend Cindy and I

I know what Cindy is going through.  I think over the last month I have slept one night for 7 hrs straight and it was in the mountains where no one can bother me.   Last night was 2:30 waking up and watching TV, the night before was 3:30 and watching TV.  I know most will say don't watch TV but if I don't my mind goes in millions of different directions and I can't reel it back in.  I know that I have to try something different I am just not sure what it is, you can only go so long without it effecting your happy face. Josh asked me yesterday why I was so ill, I didn't think I was but after a month of not alot of sleep I guess it has started showing in my attitude.   I know it is showing in my weight,I have been trying to cut back and eat better and haven't lost a pound. I know this is a phase but it has been going on for about 2 years, I sleep for a month pretty good get alot of energy and then there it goes again, 3 hours wake up, 2 hrs wake up, lay there and hope I fall back asleep.  The problem also is this daylight savings time, it kills me, mainly because I need a couple of hours at night to gear down, so when it light outside its later (11:30-12) before I lay down, then Audrey wakes me up 3 days a week at 5:30, and then Joey gets up at 6 every morning, so the constant up and down just throws my body all out of kilter. "For a person thinks in his heart so he is" Proverbs 23:7, Right now my heart needs a full night sleep so out of it will come kindness.......LOL

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

OK Mam-maw

Mam-maw is the name I picked myself for Harper to call me.  Pap-paw is the name for Joey.
I love to hear Harper say OK Mam-maw, Thank you Mam-maw, Pap-paws bucket (for corn). Josh has taught her to say how much do you love Pap-paw, she says a whole bunch with her arms spread way out, how much do you love mam-maw, she pinched her fingers together and says a little bit and laughs.   I had a great Mam-maw and Pap-paw Bennett. I remember Saturday nights eating  white cake with chocolate icing, drinking sweet milky coffee  and watching the Carol Burnett show and Hee Haw. I remember spending the night and having breakfast on the back porch. Breakfast consisted of toasted pound cake and strawberries, and the daily bread we fought over who got to read the devotions that day me or Leigh Anne. I remember my pap-paw hardly ever saying a word but had the most beautiful azaleas and dogwoods in his yard.  As I said he didn't say much, but you knew when he was ready to leave where ever he was at, he would jiggle the change in his pants pocket and you knew hit the road was what he meant.
My Pap-paw and Mam-maw never spent the night away from each other, they went everywhere together, they were married over 50 years. I think of the love I felt from them, even when life at home was tough. This is one of the reasons I chose to call myself Mam-maw and Joey, Pap-paw so that we can build great memories with Harper and her one day siblings.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

As of today Audrey and Wesley are first time homeowners.  Audrey has been a little stressed and fussy but that comes from her dads side of the family.  When they feel pressured they get a little lippy.  We started pulling wallpaper last night and Wesley scraped the popcorn ceiling for 4 hours, he said he probably wouldn't be able to lift a pen in the morning.  His mam-maw (71) came and cleaned and taught me a thing or two, did you know that a little Clorox, Wisk detergent and water will cut any grease around.  The top of the kitchen cabinets look like new today. I laughed and told her that I was under the impression that after watching a Big Fat Greek Wedding that Windex will do it all, but I found out last night this works much faster and better.  Wesley and Audrey were ready to go home about 8:30 last night and his grandmother wanted to work a little longer, she was up on the kitchen cabinets pulling the wallpaper and I was afraid to leave her in case she fell, no one would know so I climbed up there with her and we got the wall paper off the whole kitchen and then went home. We got to talk for a while alone and it was nice, she took care of Wesley as a child, he stayed at her house  ever other weekend growing up and of course she thinks he does no wrong. She still likes to take care of him, she sends him frozen chicken soup regularly, she makes him sweet tea  every other week, and if you tell her you like something she buys double. Off to pull more wallpaper only have 3 weeks to get everything done, Wesley has to be out of his apartment by end of March. Then Wedding Plans, once again they do things backwards.....