Friday, February 27, 2015

Snow OH how we love it...

Out my back door


Happy Family
We had such a great day in the snow. Abby's mom and dad, Joey and I, Audrey,(Wesley had to work)
a young couple from church, and a another couple with 3 small kids came. We went sled riding all afternoon. I chose not to sled ride quite as much this year, I have had a migraine for about two weeks and I told my family my body is half way in place I didn't want to knock it back out. I did go down a few times and each time got faster and faster. We doubled on each others backs and Heather and I crashed and rolled because we got to going so fast that we were afraid we were going to hit the creek and trees at the bottom of the  6th green. Josh and Abby have great places to sled near their home so everyone congregated there.  Kim made delicious taco soup and potato soup. Kim said last night I was suppose to work but snow seems to only come about once a year here so vacation day was calling her name.  We made really great memories and that Harper played all day outside, ate white snow(that not one had stepped in, I think we all said all day) she would not wear her gloves so we had to have warm hand moments. Bella and her rode sleds down those steep hills for hours. It was a great day, so now I can say I am ready for Spring(Cindy, the birthday girl, who has now finally joined the nifty fifties group) So up crocus, up tulip, up daffodils...

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

coyotes & snow

Today was a snow bust but we still went out and played on the sleet. Rode sled behind four-wheeler and went on an adventure behind the house.  As we were walking I noticed coyote poop right behind the house and then we saw tracks, Joey said I guess we scared him off when we started the four-wheeler. We decided to hike for a while and there he was just walking in the field about 100 yds from us.  Joey told us to be real still and he started this squirrel call about that time that coyote started running right at us. Did you know that they also hop like a antelope when they run, I didn't either till I saw if coming straight for us. Joey kept telling us to hold still but I was getting nervous but about the time it came out on the mowed section 60 ft in front of us it realized that we were not what he was running to and stopped and bolted the opposite way.  We headed back home and Harper made Joey carry her after seeing the coyote so close up, on the way back I wiped out, never even tried to catch myself, the next thing I knew I was laying looking straight up at the sky. Thinking, I hope I didn't break anything or I hope I didn't land in the coyote poop I saw. It took me a couple minutes to catch my breath because it was totally knocked out of me when I landed so hard, then I started to laugh thinking oh no I broke something, I'm afraid to move. Joey looks at Harper and says Mam-maw is pitiful.  We had a great adventure for the day I just know next time where better shoes.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Its just what we do

Harper loves the outdoors rain or shine warm or cold it doesn't matter. So Monday we decided to go and look for a pink ball that I had on my front porch but those winds last week took it to another county I think. We went on what Harper calls "an Adventure" looking for it. We searched the fields across the street, the woods behind our house and all around the neighborhood but never did find the big pink ball. However we did find things that started with her name Holly, Acorn, Rock, Pinecone, Evergreen, Rock (white one)

Yesterday we played outside while Pap-paw put our pine needles at all the houses, office and shops. If you look closely Harper is tied up by the leg to the trailer, she is in jail, because I was Hans and she was Elsa and I locked her up because she had frozen Anna and her hair was turning white. It is amazing what little minds will think of next.