Friday, May 5, 2017

Horse crap...

I have a little rant today...I wonder what causes people to not clean up after themselves. I remember working at the concession stands at the different schools and thinking then what is wrong with you people, there is a trash can right in front of you and you throw it down beside of it. Josh has sub contractors who come to job do their work and then leave their mess in the house. How many of us get to go to work and not clean up after ourselves. Today I had a renter leave a bid pile of horse xxxx
in the middle of the driveway at the storage facility. I called to have a chat with him about this and you know what his first answer was...I didn't think about it. Wrong dumb answer to say to me, what you mean you walked around a large pile of crap and didn't think about it. We have had many other similar situations and the first answer of most of these people is I didn't think about it. Start thinking people. Horse mans other answer was "you have no clue how busy my life is right now". I stopped him quick in his tracks there... We all have busy lives, some of us are busier than others but that is no excuse to be lazy or uncaring on other peoples property. We have other situations where people are on our property and say I didn't think is was a big deal to be on the land. My first thought to them is oh ok I will just go park my big ole truck right in the middle of your front yard. It is time we as a group of people start calling out rudeness, teaching our children and grandchildren the respect of other peoples property and that trash belongs in a trash can not on the ground.