Monday, April 30, 2012


 Today my little girl turns 25,  I look at her here with the man she wants to marry and think time sure does fly by.
I look at her here with her big brother and I am so happy that they get along and like to see each other

She loves her friends and has good ones to spend time with.

 She is not only prissy but loves to hang out with her dad and get dirty, even though she has her make-up on
She is  the best auntie ever
Life is fast, time is precious, and children are gift from God.
I love this gift

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My childhood friend

A little tribute to my childhood friend. Myra and I met in the 2nd grade, she went to Midway and I went to Arcadia but we went to church together. I went to her house as much as I possibly could. I loved to go to her grandmothers house on Sunday's after church and eat, her mother Beanie was one of I think 10 kids and the families met together up there alot for dinner. I remember she talked me into touching a electric fence one time and thought it was so funny when I screamed from the shock.  We danced (mainly her, I had no rhythm) in her basement to Jackson 5 and the Osmond's. Beach trips with the families.  We watched soap opera's in the summer, and we always set a day with her sister and cousins to watch Brian's Song and cry our eyes out. Her home was a place of contentment for me growing up. I remember her first car and laughing about how she had to sit on phone books and put one of those husband pillows behind her so she could reach the peddles and see out the windows.  Getting her to go out with Gray in high school, our nights at the prom, high school fights.  Then our marriages with in 2 weeks of each other. Takeing  Gray and Joey to eat Japanese for the first time and them hateing it and getting sick from it. Now try and keep us out of that place. Having  children and beach trips with kids, trips with just the 2 of us.  Our disagreements and the true love that I have for this powerful little woman. She was born on the 4th of July and has been making explosions all her life. She was a woman of great faith, could teach and preach powerfully, and was a great music leader.  Of all her positions, I truly appreciated her music leadership.  She use to laugh and say after a musical she would see how much I cried to see if it was good. I will miss her very much but I know where she is and that I will see her one day so I can rejoice in that and the tears will not flow long.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

being a bridesmaid

Audrey had to go to a bridesmades dinner last night in Charlotte.  She was supposed to be in this wedding for this couple who are mainly friends with Wesley, but this bride wanted everyone who dated to be together as bridesmaids and groomsmen.  Audrey never was really asked to be in the wedding, it was assumed.  She called the bride back in the fall to tell her she couldn't be in the wedding. Mainly at the time due to finances.  The dresses were $300, shoes $75 the lingerie shower present, the wedding in Charleston, and then Wesley's  stuff for the wedding was going to cost the 2 of them about $1000.
In my mind I am trying to recall when it started, this outrageousness that goes before the wedding activities.Their are 5 showers (his and hers, each family, church, friend , lingerie,) then there are bridesmaids weekends that usually cost up to $300 by the time you pay for food, presents for a bridesmaid shower gift, hotels, and travel. Then there is the wedding cost that as a participant you do have to pay for things.   When did people start paying weeks of salary to see other people get married.
I think that this is where alot of the problems have begun, Wesley made the comment to Audrey, so many girls spend so much time on the wedding day they forget about the work for the marriage. I think this is so true, I have seen a number of weddings that cost way more than they should and within 3 years they are divorcing. Back to my looking for laughter.  Audrey went to this dinner last night, the bride has a tendency to shorted all words, Audrey is Aud, Wesley is Wes, her groom is Quinn but she calls him Q.  Audrey got a text say they were having heavy apps, she said it took her a little while to figure out that meant heavy appetizers.  She sent me a text last night saying all the girls were talking in short words, I sent her one saying sor......   ry. Finding something to smile about everyday.....

Friday, April 20, 2012

searching for laughter

I haven't had alot to say (write) lately, mainly when I talk alot I cough. I don't feel very deep in thinking lately either.  But I need laughter right now....Last night I went to sit with Myra, my friend with cancer.  She had a very bad morning trying to get her pain level down.  By the time I arrived for the evening shift she was managing better.  She looked so frail, I thought in my mind, she makes my little 100 lb daughter look fat. We talked alittle, her son was in and sang a few songs for her, she decided she would like to try and eat something.  We tried some soup, not much, but it just wouldn't go down. She asked me to rub her back, the pain has been so bad there, she thinks the tumors are growing and causing her pain when she breathes. She would tell Jake and me constantly that she loved us, then she would ask "do I sound like a drunk" we would laugh, and the then a few minutes later, she would tell us again she loved us and then ask "do I sound like a stupid drunk". You know how sentimental drunks can be.
You have to know Myra to know that she has never been drunk in her life so this to us was rather funny. As I sat there in the dark room in quiet letting her rest, I started to get very melancholy and I had to stop myself. She needs us to be up and positive for her, call it like it is but positive.  Jake told her Mom your body is failing but that mind is still sharp and it is so true. She remembers alot of things and pays attention to what is going on around her but the body isn't working like to should. Hugging her felt like hugging a small teen, she feels like she could just break into. I am just praying now for her pain to stop and her breathing to not be hard on her.  I can't stand to  feel like I can't breathe or swallow.  It can be a very scary feeling.   So pray that God protects her from this anxiety and that she is peaceful in rest.
I know this situation is nothing to laugh about, that why when she says funny things I have to laugh , that is why I search for laughter right now.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Last night at small groups our discussion was on disappointment.  The disappointments we have in our lives, with people, with God, and the disappointment of how our life has turned out.  Romans 5 was the scripture that was used " We know trouble  and trials produce endurance,  and endurance produces character and character produces hope and this hope does not disappoint us." Many in class shared their disappointments of life, but we all agreed that through these disappointment we learn and grow.  I had about 4 new ladies and they really opened up about the struggles they had as young wives and bad choices they made and it was good for the younger ladies in the class to hear this.  Sometimes we put people in the church in certain classes that we forget how the old can mentor the young and hopefully learn from our mistakes.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


This is suppose to be a beautiful weekend, so let us rejoice in it..... Stop and enjoy it.... Don't hurry, relax and try not to miss anything.....

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Beautiful Outlaw

If your spiritually doesn't fit into normal life, it is religious..... How does that sound to you.  Have I mentioned I am reading  Beautiful Outlaw.   This is one of the lines in the book.  The test is, if you can't take your church culture and language and drop it in the middle of a bar, bus, or work and have it make sense to the people there, then it's not from Jesus. He would make it easy to understand for anyone.
This chapter I am reading is about clearing away the religious fog. For example,  religious activity is confused with commitment to Christ, Holiness is substituted for rule-keeping, or what would it take for a person to get fired from your church? Pretty Deep...I will say this book isn't for everyone.  Some can't handle it yet.  I find it very intriguing and thought provoking.  I will leave you with this to think on...
There are 168 hours in your week.Are you going to say that the one or two you spend at church are more important to God than the other 166. The spiritual life is meant to be lived out in everyday life.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This is the look she has on Sunday's at church when she first gets there.  She is much more serious looking than when she arrives at our house during the week.  I think all the crowds just overwhelm her at first. But I love this picture, its in Audrey's newly remodeled bathroom. Somebody is our family has been sick for the last month.  I am finally shaking this respiratory thing after a month of hacking. Poor Harper has it now, has well as her mom getting it.  Her poor dad on the other hand has had a mess the last 2 weeks.  Josh and I don't get sick often but when we do it takes us weeks to get back to normal. After being on antibiotics for the last week for this sinus infection and bronchitis he now has had a allergic reaction to the medicine, and is cover from head to toe in hives.  His lips and ears are swollen, he looks like a burn patient from his neck to the the top of his head, and the rest of his body looks like chicken pox. Attacks come from different areas in our lives, we never know when or where or what they will be but we know who is in charge.  So to this we say be gone, leave and quit distracting us. We all have work to do, and need a rested body and mind to get it done. 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

In Christ Alone - Philips, Craig & Dean

He is Risen!!!!!

All is quiet

Today all is quiet but tomorrow comes......

Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

I was watching TV this morning while I was getting ready and it occurred to me how they where talking about Easter and never mentioned Good Friday, or Jesus.  I heard a lady say that when they were young they always went to church on Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas and came home with the family to have a holiday feast.  Never once did anyone mentioned the reason that we as Christians celebrate this holiday. Good Friday is the crucifixion of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Easter is the day of his resurrection from the grave to be the ONLY GOD who is alive. As a mother, and now grandmother, I stop to think how Mary felt,  her heart, body, mind and soul must have ached. She knew Jesus was a kind and loving man who truly loved everyone he came in contact. You know your children you know their weakness and strengths.  She knew her son and knew what they were doing to him was so wrong and her hands were tied. The pain and agony she felt had to make her physically ill. Good Friday was a day of great grief for all that knew this man Jesus.  Then Sunday came around and the only one true living God rolled back the stone and walked again here on earth among the people for a short time. Letting them know his body wasn't stolen or hidden at a different spot but alive and heading to the heavens to return as a great ruling KING. He also let them know that they had a job to do, and that he would return soon to gather all who believed and believes he is Lord, the I Am, the only true and living God and take us to be with him forever and ever.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Since I can't sleep

Monday, I went back to the doctor and this time I received a $200 inhaler as a treatment for my cough that I can't seem to get rid of.  Josh called Sunday night and said while you make your appointment get me one to.He has a sinus infection and bronchitis. Tuesday night slept great but tonight it is now 12:30 and here I sit at the computer.  I have alot going through my mind right now and my sinuses are all messed up, so I got up to do some searching on the computer. You see, Josh and Abby went to see the pediatrician tonight, he is a good friend of Abby's parents and wanted to do some checking into this place on Harper's temple.  After searching and reading for hours he told them that they need to have the surgery and not to wait.  They need to make sure exactly what this "cyst" is.  They are telling them it could one of two things but until the get in there and get it out they don't know.  One is not so bad, the other could be a little problem.  I have looked up both  and tried to do my usual google doctoring not liking all that I read, so I have decided to stop and trust the Lord and know in my heart that God has great things planned for Harper now and in the long future. Satan likes when we worry, he likes when we don't trust the creator of Harper to know what is going on in her body. My human mind goes places it should not and I start dwelling on the negative and not the positive.  Joey and I know that we need to be as positive as we can for Josh and Abby, we know that they are scared and unsure and this is a real test for them. It is for all of us but the Bible tells us God knows every little bitty hair (even the ones that stick straight up ) on her head, he knows now today what is going on in her body and wants what is best for her and we have to make ourselves trust that and not what we think....