Friday, November 30, 2012

Pictures of a girl on the move

I love the little outfit

Her thoughts "just hurry up Mam-maw"

I drive,I drive, I drive

Lost in space

you can't catch me

I love the cat hat
Many of you know what it is like to try and take pictures of a child on the move.  Here are just a few of the 50 I took that was not blurry because of her always on the go.  I just grab a camera and snap, snap, snap and hope that a few turn out...

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jingle Bells

                                                                Very Good CD

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My favorite Holiday is over

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, there is no pressure on anyone about anything.  All you do is show up to events with food. My only regret is that our extended families, don't discussion what I consider to be the most important part of the holiday, "Thanks"giving. What we are all thankful for is never discussed.  It hit me when Josh, Abby and Harper left there Grandmother Nancy house at lunch and that I would not see them the rest of the day, that I didn't tell them  how very thankful I am for them.  I text ed's society....their way of communication.... I also text ed Audrey and Wesley.  Each with different messages...We have become such a non-verbal communication society  that I think we forget to really talk to each other.  Plus with Thanksgiving not at my house at all I have to conform to others, and honestly I do not like having no input for this holiday.
One day, it will be at my house and it will be different....Control freak!!!!!Now on to Joeys favorite Holiday! Christmas where there is no pressure.HA!!HA!!HA!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


THANKFULNESS - Aware and appreciative of, grateful.
Here is my list:
My Lord and Savior, who gives me peace everyday, who loves me even when I feel unlovable.
My Joey, who I know loves me more than I can imagine and who I can't imagine being without.
My children and in-law children, who are in so many ways so different but who bring such pride, laughter and joy to my life.
My Harper, who will always be the first grandchild and with that brings such love from my heart that I cannot explain how it burst with happiness every time I see her.
My extended family, as I get older I realize the need for more family.
My Friends, I can't explain what friendship does for the soul.  But to be without friends has to be a very lonely life.
My church, even though it drives me crazy sometimes, I can't imagine a life without the church family in it.
My health, I appreciate being able to see, smell, hear and feel things, I appreciate all that this human body has to offer.
My home, it is a safe haven for me, I can't imagine where others feel home is fearful or stressful.
For the many other things we take for grant food, gasoline, electricity, a computer, telephone, books, music, candy, make-up, shoes,a car, bible study,  clothes, a bed to sleep in, a dishwasher, our cat, Buster, I never imagined being thankful for him.
I am a very blessed individual and believe me when I say that I don't take it lightly.
I am not one who goes around saying thank you all the time to people, but I do know that deep in my heart that I am BLESSED.....

Thursday, November 15, 2012


We had a discussion in Ladies Small Group last night on life planning.  In James 4 it talks about how we plan this and plan that like we know what our lives will be like in 10 years.  How many of you are where you had planned to be at in this stage of your life.  Joey and I had plans to travel once we finally tried it and liked it, then the extra money ran out. Did I think I would be sitting at a storage facility office, no.  Did I think Joey would still be trying to figure out what to do with his job, no.  I thought Joey and I would be empty nesters by now. I did think I would be a grandparent by now.   So I guess  one out of five plans isn't bad.  I told the class that over the last couple of years I have learned alot about living in the "today" mode.  I try and plan short goals, but really Joey and I both have come to the conclusion to just walk forward and go through open doors and stop at closed ones  and see what happens...James 4:14: What do you know about tomorrow? How can you be sure about your life? It is nothing more than mist that appears only for a little while before it disappears.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Chris Tomlin

Last night my friend Cindy and I went to the Chris Tomlin concert in Concord.  We use to laugh and say that we wanted him as our son-in-law so that he could sing live to us as much as we wanted.
The concert was great, very worshipful the place was full and Cindy mentioned as we left "don't you think there will be concerts going all over heaven one day". From blue grass, country, jazz, rock, rap, easy listening, pop, contemporary, hymns, and a'capella.  People and angels worshipping all the time, Chris mentioned that when we go to bed  and when we wake up every morning the angels are
 singing all the time "Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty." We were also pleasantly surprised at all the young single men there, it blessed our hearts to know that men are standing up and making a difference in their christian faith.  I personally need concerts like this more often, if lifts my spirit to be in a large group of people enjoying worship and yes loud music.  I am a old time southern rock kind of girl. I told Cindy can you imagine writing those wonderfully inspiring songs and then getting to go and sing them around the world with other believers, what a blessed life that would be.......

Friday, November 9, 2012

Harper & Cows

The Stare Down

I am not afraid of those horns

So now that I have my glasses "that's what you really look like"

Mooing at Cows is hard work, I am pooped and so is pap-paw

Thursday, November 8, 2012


What is a cynic? A person who is distrustful of human nature and motives, the attitude that human conduct is motivated by primarily self-interest, or a general lack of faith or hope in the human race.  How do we get this way? When we expect alot from people and they don't measure up.  Are we cynical with God?  Do we really believe he can change a person from the inside out?
These are the questions I asked myself last night after another night of tail kicking from the Book of James.  I can be very cynical, not so much with God because I do have alot of hope from him.  But I do tend to not expect much from people.I am having to question myself if I do believe God can change people, then I go to do they really want to change, or God gives us free will and most of us don't believe we are cynical we are just in realist mode. As I continue to study these words from James I do know that this will be a year long meditation instead of 9 weeks. I think that I am to thick headed to get it all done in that short of time.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Scary stuff

 We had our first trunk or treat at the church this year.  To say that we were not prepared for the turn out is a understatement.  I planned on about 175 kids to come through.  I had given out most of my pre-made bags of candy within the first hour.  Thankfully people went and got more candy and some just happen to bring some with them to give out.  We probably had 500 people come through.  Next year we will know to plan better.  That is if the two in this picture didn't scare them off....Roy made a visit to DC and brought Charlene along for the first time.  She told the children if they didn't brush their teethies after eating all that candy they would look like her and Roy

If you don't recognize her this is Harper.  She had to get glasses.  I think it has changed the way she looks so much, sadly a little older.  I am still not sure how we are going to keep glasses on this rambunctious 15 month old, but Abby said so far she hasn't minded them.  The Doctors said that she has horrible vision up close, and she had started going cross-eyed.  I still am praying that getting the glasses at such a young age will help her vision to improve and that the Doctors first assessment is wrong.  God is the ultimate eye doctor. She still is cute as a button......