Friday, May 30, 2014

Time Warner vs Direct TV

As of this very minute I have been on the phone with Time Warner trying to change my service and have spoke with 3 different people, one disconnected me, the other sent me to another number and the last one I couldn't understand a word and  I asked to speak to someone else and was put on hold again for another 20 minutes.  Finally a English speak and understanding lady was there to help. As Harper says patience Mam-maw. I still have not resolved my problems.  I do not want to keep paying the high prices for cable and Internet, and they make it hard on you when you can't talk to a human.  They somehow wear you down so that you give in and don't change your service because its to hard to get a real person on the phone and you don't want to go through all the hassle again on another day.  As of right this very minute I am on hold again 30 minutes into calling third time, waiting for them to find me a store that I can return the stupid Internet box that they won't pick up, or let me mail in, but I have to physically return to a site but they don't know where I am suppose to go.  It's like a told the girl on the line, America is going to hell in a hand basket if the computers ever go down because no one knows what to do anymore without them. Can you hear the frustration....
Next I decide to call Direct TV to see if I really want to go through the hassle of changing to them.
So after two hrs on the phone, I am now going with Direct at half the price of Time Warner and I will not have to deal with this again for a least two years....

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Smart little minds

Harper has started to figure out little pranks.  Last night we went down to their house for dinner, Joey and Josh were shooting their bows and Harper has this little water station near their target. When Joey went to get his arrow out of the target she got a bucket of water and threw at him, soaked his backside.  She thought she was so funny. We went for a little walk around the neighborhood and a man named Steve was out walking his dog, Harper looked at me as said "Mam-maw that's Steve my neighbor".i don't tink I understood what a neighbor was till I was 6 or so.   She had made "H" symbols all over her walkway, she said mommies name starts with a A, its a little different than mine, H has two straight lines and a line in the middle Mommy's is the same but with a top on it.  Its great how little minds work...

Friday, May 23, 2014


This is Josh's buddy Chris. When they were in high school they became friends and Josh lived with Chris and his brother Cory in college for a little while when he was in Charlotte taking Real Estate classes. We have some funny stories about these boys, they are christian guys, funny, and as Josh said last week they are getting ready to make it big.  A senior week beach story, they all played baseball on the respective legion teams after graduation, so they only had a couple of days to go to beach. Josh and one of his buddies stayed at the condo we had and slept out on the deck on cots, they liked to hear the ocean. One of the nights Josh said we will be back by 2 or so we are meeting up with Chris & Cory. Well I woke up at 3 and thought I hope nothing is wrong so I called his cell. He answered I can't talk right now the cops are here I will call you back and he hung up the phone. That does not ease a moms thinking in the middle of the night, so I waited till 4 and called back. Josh was laughing and said he was on his way back, we were all sitting around in the room singing karaoke and had to many people in the room and someone called the front desk so we were all hiding in the bathroom and shower when the cops came. Thank goodness it was all innocent.  Their new song is getting ready to be released next month and Josh has heard it and says it is good.  This is one of their first videos. Its good to support people that you know have christian morals and want to do the right things in life.  I always thought Audrey would marry him but they were just buddies.  We laugh and told Chris years ago when they became famous Joey wanted to drive their travel bus, little did we think we would have to move to Nashville with them and that isn't happening.  We hope that God showers down blessings on these guys.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Today is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it....

Monday, May 19, 2014

Mty oldest

 It hard to believe that twenty-nine years ago I gave birth to this man, and as I type man it blows my mind how old he is.  I remember him as a child and his punishment for not obeying was taking away his hunting privileges. I think it made him love it even more.
This picture was taken last week at his best friends wedding, They have been buddies since birth, Jared is one month older and they were together all the time as children. Josh has turned into a man that a mom can very proud of, he loves the Lord, is a good husband and great dad. He works hard and even though he gives me a hard time I know he loves me and his dad and enjoys being around us. What more could a parent want.  Happy Birthday Josh...

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Only in New York

What can I say, only in New York will you see a man singing in his tighty whiteys and not get arrested

 Only in New York do you realized how very small you are and how big  everything else is.

 Only in New York do you walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and get the chance to have your picture taken with a snake, I passed on the experience.
But only in little ole Davidson County do you get to see this.....

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


                                          My baby girl on her wedding day last year,
                                       she is now 27 years old and how the time does fly
She is a girl who likes different things

Who brings joy to my life daily.
We talked about this just last week, I am not one who says I Love You verbally alot.
I would rather show it in action, words are overused sometimes.
She was talking about how people use the Love word alot and don't really mean it.
I was out of town on her birthday this year and forgot to post what I had wrote the week I was gone. So here is belated Happy Birthday and Love you more than words can express.