Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Am I Healthy?

Last night we had a small group leadership meeting and as I sat there I thought how awesome it was to be with this small group of people who I love very much, respect and admire even more. I thought about my childhood and my children's childhood and how they where different. My children who are grown now don't think it's weird to have small group meetings in homes or a group of people just sitting around talking about God and all of his wonderful ways, as I probably would have as a child because I didn't see that happening with my parents and their friends. Sure they all went to church every Sunday and Wednesday, and every other time the doors were open, but to sit at someones house and just talk about all the great ways God works I just didn't see that happen. As we discussed our church, other churches and the church body I have begun to realize that we as a church body are failing, sure we have come along way since our parents generation, we don't sweep things under the rug, or pretend nothings wrong, (or do we). I have been asking myself as a leader of a ladies small group, in what areas within the church body are we failing. What can we do to help make the church healthy, are we honest with each other and can we be honest with each other. Have we become so "It none of my business what they do as long as it doesn't effect me" attitude that we are letting each other down. I am very thankful for the friends that I have, I know if I start getting off the wrong track, they will ask me about it. I can trust them enough to know that they love me enough to come to me. So I ask you, do you have those types of friends, are you helping to make the church body healthy, ask God to show you areas in your life that might need a little work, sometimes it is scary to ask because he might just show you...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Have you ever wondered?

Have you ever wondered when you go to the grocery store and have to use their little card to get your discount does it really matter if you have a card. I went today and everything I bought was on sale, however my car was in the shop and so I didn't have my set of keys which keeps all my grocery store cards on it. I went to check out and didn't have my card and the check out lady said just put in your phone number and it should work, well it didn't. It will only let you try to put your number in once so I told her maybe she could call out over the speaker and see if someone else had their card. The manager came up and said we have a store card but we are not suppose to let you use it (why?????) why don't you get a new card, (I already have one....) finally she swiped her store card. Now if someone could just tell me why it is that every grocery store has a discount card and why we just can't go in and buy the sale items on sale without a card... This is one of the many things I wonder about on a daily basis. I am always asking myself "why do we do the things we do?" Have you ever stopped and thought about why you do things, could it be that maybe there are some things you are doing wrong, maybe there are things you are doing right. The question is why are you doing them and do somethings need to be changed.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My First Post....

Today I decided I would start blogging, my friend Cindy has been doing it for quite a while and I really enjoy her stories of life. I have found other blogs that I enjoy reading from and while mine might not be highly intellectual, spiritual, or even funny I might have something that you find will inform, uplift, or just cause you to laugh sometime. So here goes........
As you will soon learn I sit in a little office (15 x 15) by myself from 9-6 everyday. I do not see many people so I have alot of time on my hands. I am learning to be content in all things.HA!HA! But because of my working situation I do read alot of books and watch alot of news. I usually have a couple books going at one time, I don't know how you feel about reading more than one book before finishing another one, but I have alittle bit of adult A.D.D. I get bored easily, so I switch books alot. The only problem with this is when you go to tell someone about a book it is sometimes hard to remember which book you read something out of. In the last month I have read Fireflies in December, So you don't want to go to church anymore, all 5 of the Deanne Gist Bride books, 1 of Joanne Fluke recipe murder mysteries, plus a couple of western 1800 early 1900 romance novels and Crazy Love by Francis Chan. So as you can see my tastes very in books. Most books I read have to catch me on the first 10 pages, if I am not caught by that point I have to work real hard to keep going. If anyone has suggestions for some really good books, please pass them on..... HAPPY READING