Thursday, January 28, 2016

My Doller General Story

My friend Cindy likes to tell Walmart and now Sheetz stories, well I have a new one.  I went to pick up a few office items in the local Dollar General when I heard on the isle next to me. "I'm getting ready to cuss your @## out if you don't watch it." I came around the corner and there was this little skinny older lady and no one around her, so I think well she's losing it, I will have to keep an eye on her. I go to another isle and  she bumps into my cart. I kinda smile and she says in a 10 pack a day voice "sorry". I notice that she is struggling to keep her sweat pants up and then I see what I at first thought was a growth on the back of her leg but I think that the reason her pants were having a hard time is she has stuck something back there to take home. I continue on with my shopping and start to check out and who is right behind me but this little old lady and she starts to mess with my stuff on the conveyor belt looks up at me and says "oh this is your stuff ain't it" then goes to the ice cream box and down comes her pants to her knees and guess what no underwear... I hope what she was stealing was underwear, I know she needs it because I saw it all. I heard her tell her family member that brought her, I can't keep my @#$# pants up. The life people lead is so different than my normal sometimes  I do forget that this is their normal. Its a sad normal but its theirs. I live in my own little fairy tell land. We talked last night in ladies small group about how it must be exciting to witness to people in foreign lands about Jesus, people who have never heard the name. But I believe that living here in the United States in Davidson County there are people who have heard the name, who think that they are good people, that they went to church at some point in there life, that their normal is not so bad, so of course they are Christians, they are as lost as the ones who have never heard. I think it might even be a lot harder to witness to these people because Satan has sold them a big fat lie. While I had to laugh at the Dollar General I was also very sad for this family.