Friday, July 22, 2011


Do you ever feel what I call "mouthy". There are days when I can speak so fast that I can put you under a truck and run over you before you know what has hit you. That has been me this week.
I need a vacation and I am going to take a vacation next week. Sand and surf here I come. Last night I was suppose to go and paint some at the church, we are near the end of completion and plan on moving in the next two weeks. But I know me...I know that I still have some issues to work through in this crazy mind of mine. I knew that I was still as I call it "mouthy". I knew that if I ran in to some people and they tried to be fake nice that I don't do fake and that I probably wouldn't be quiet. So when Katie called to see if I was coming, I told her that growing old has given me a little wisdom, and I was wise enough to know to stay home and get my work done their instead. I know leaving and resting for a week will bring about a new outlook.As Joey said the Book Of James, Tracy, the Book of James. " Slow to speak, quick to listen." God knew Joey needed that so that he could share it with me for this week. If funny how God works...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trust or Not

Trust or Not Trust that is the question..Do I trust that God wants what is best for me, my family. Do I trust that he knows what is going on even before I do. Do I trust that he is in control and that he will show me and my family the way. These are big questions that we all need to ask at different times in our lives. Do I really believe deep down in my gut that God will take care of me when it looks like things keep falling apart. I tell myself I do believe, I do have faith, I do trust him. Here it comes "BUT" why is this happening, but why am I being treated this way, but I have been faithful, but I have been obedient, but I just don't understand. Do you see yourself in any of these sayings. I do, I see myself daily saying I trust you Lord, then a hour down the road I am trying to figure out why this or that is happening. What can I do fix it, what can I say to try and change it. My friend said last night after her daughter found out while living alone in NYC that she was no longer employed as of Thursday in a job she was told would be a 2 year commitment. If I believe God is trustworthy, then I need not to worry or fret. My children are both in situations with jobs and I as a mother feel their pain and concern but at the same time do I trust God is wanting what is best for them, when all we see is confusion and fear for the future. Trust it is a big word, it means to be reliant on, to have hope in, to place confidence in. There it is - do I rely, hope and have confidence in my creator to take care of me and my family. That is a question I keep asking myself.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Joey and I have these talks as we travel to and fro from the mountains. But lately he has been agitated with some people and has been what we say running his mouth a little to much. I told him on our trip, he wants them to think like him, they never will because they aren't like him. He wants them to do business like he does, they never will because they don't do business like he does. They probably think he is wrong because he isn't like them. It is a never ending circle. That night during his Bible reading he asked the Lord to really speak to him, he came back in the den and was telling about it, he said the only problem in asking to be spoke to is, he does. He said I got a major talking to about slow to speak and quick to listen from the book of James. The next morning as he was leaving for work, I asked if he need any scripture to put in the backhoe to remind him of all he read last night, he laughed and said just write on a sheet of paper, the BOOK OF JAMES- he said that would cover it all....

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Miss Harper

I tried to get a picture of the family, but Josh kept moving his head. So all I got was his arm. When he walks in the room with that loud voice she starts looking for him.
She is a pretty relaxed baby, every time I get her she sleeps. As her dad says "no doubt one of the prettiest babies ever made"

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Am the Lord Your God

Joey and I have been reading in Deuteronomy lately, I have noticed that it says many times the Lord Your God. It repeats the Lord Your God in almost every chapter numerous times. Who is the Lord Your God? Is he your comfort when you need peace? Is he your provider when things look hopeless? Is the Lord your God your healer? This is repeated so many times throughout Deut. that I over looked it. God told us when we gave us the ten commandments that I am the Lord your God. I am your Master, I am the one who rules. Do what I say and I will be with you. He told the Israelites, obey me and I will look over your, I will bless you, make you and your animals fertile. I will expand your kingdom, but your have to obey me. This is the key to God being the Lord our God.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Her first day

These are my first real shots after all the excitement. She has had a night to rest and she is a one day old little girl.
Proud Pap-paw
Really proud and excited auntie, she thinks Harper looks like her
Happy grandparents
I promise not to do this every day.......

Friday, July 8, 2011

Harper Elizabeth Nifong

This is Miss Harper Elizabeth Nifong, weighing in at 6 lbs & 15 ounces and 19 inches long.
This is the happy family. More pictures to come....

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lightning Bugs

Joey and I had this funny conversation this weekend about God and his humor.
Have you ever thought about the humor in a lightning bug. God made a bug who's butt lights up.
We thought that would make a funny children's book... I think I might work on it. Laugh today....

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 5th

As you can see still not a grandmother. I will be by the end of the week the Dr. says. I tried my hand a photography with my new camera this weekend. I am still learning as you can see I ad pushed some buttons last night and this was the clearest picture I have of the mother to be. I am reading my manual this afternoon to fix what I messed up. However I did get in a few good pictures in the mountains over the holiday weekend.
I tried the black and white scene on my camera
I was trying the close and far away look.
Then I found out I have a fireworks scene on my camera, it took me a few tries to figure out how it worked but I had some good attempts.I will keep learning.....

Friday, July 1, 2011


As of today no "baby girl"...Maybe she will come in with a bang.....