Thursday, March 30, 2017

Can I be real and not scare you to death...

Can I be real for a minute, I told a group of young couples last night in small group that I had prayed for the Lord God above to just take out someone so we wouldn't have to deal with her anymore. She is one of the most mean spirited women I have ever met. And you know when someone messes with your children or grandchildren the bear in you comes out.  Now deep down after I said those words, Lord just let her die so we don't have to deal with her anymore, I was reminded, she probably isn't a Christian even though she professes to be, so that means she would probably end up in hell and I sure don't want to pray anyone there for eternity. I had to remind myself that she is a lost, lonely, bitter, hateful unforgiving woman who really needs him. To see the wide eyes of these adults  from my honesty was, I will have to admit, funny. I know deep down some of them think this at times in their lives but would not likely say it out loud and not to a group of church  people. After sleeping on the situation and talking it over with Joey and Josh, we have all agreed she needs someone to hate and we are it right now. I told Audrey some people are mean and know they are mean and are proud of it, others hide in outward sweetest but will cut you down to the core all the while with a smile and say I am so glad for you (her exact words). So how do we as Christians live godly lives and still live smart lives in this fallen evil world. Many of you have never experienced people like this and can't imagine the thoughts that I have had. But God gave us brains, his word, and action. The key is apply all to this situation which right now seems hopeless unless she dies. LOL However, I know that there is a end to this and if we stay righteous through it all God will provide a way. My verse for the girls in bible study last week is in front of my desk, once again seek God, live right and he will provide what you need in his time.

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