Monday, June 19, 2017

Colorful coat

Harper and I were having a conversation on who one of my favorite people in the Bible is... I was telling her that I really loved Joseph, she said is he the one with lions, I said no, the coat and she said of many colors, you know that his brothers were mean to him, don't you.. I said yes because of his pretty coat. She said, I don't understand they had nice coats to but theirs was all just one color. That got me to thinking so I looked up the scripture in Genesis 37 to reread it. All I can find says that Joseph was given a coat that was made with many colors, I told Harper maybe since he was one of the youngest sons, maybe his Dad, Jacob took old fabric from all his brothers and made him a coat. To show him that even though they have been around for a while he was  part of this big family. We always been taught in Sunday School that Jacob loved him more because he was born to him at such an old age and we've assumed that the coat of many colors was something more special than what the other brothers wore. But think about it, they weren't really rich people, they were not wasteful people. What if like I said the coat was a heritage symbol and that's why the brothers were jealous, not so much about the pretty coat of many colors but of how Jacob had put so much time and thought into it. As we get older, when life is a little slower, we as adults stop and think more  about the important things of life. We realize that its not always about the money, its not always about self satisfaction, its not always about what will this get me... Life is so much more, but when your young you get caught up in the rat race of life, you have a lot of demands, some are self imposed, and you forget the big picture of family, love and quality & quantity time spent. So maybe the coat of many colors was not just because he was the favorite maybe it was because Jacob realized things he had forgot.

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